Darkness, False Lights, See through Lies

Although it is true that the more we learn the less we know, the other statement may simply be, the less we wish to know.

Yet the further we dive nonetheless, out of bravery or mere curiosity, the opposite option is that the unknown may simply spark a never before known fever of interest.

For the hidden remains within plain sight, and for those who view the world as secure and certainly right, they question never, their lips are sealed tight.

To remain out of sight and always anonymous, that is the purpose of the shadows and its artificial accomplice.

Seeking and never sated, the boundaries to some are constantly pushed and their nefarious boundaries are endless, until in the end we are left in the same design as initated, at last then we realize that we are all a part of the same game of chess.

For in the eyes of the belligerent, an endless quest shall never be fulfilled, remaining hungry and thirsty in futility, as a starving ghost will never truly acquire its fill.

Taking more and more, treating those around them as objects and mere toys, it seems they do not possess a core, where the beating heart beats to the same rhythm as the universal pores.

Maybe an exaggeration but each word is a perspective in which one may further their own demonstration, thoughts are for inferring and extrapolation, actions are the purest or darkest form of manifestation.

Rather than dream away and pray under this moonlit facade, I shall portray further more why for each and every soul it is never to late.

Never too late to turn away from the all consuming selfish path that will only hinder and damage oneself eventually.

For one is incapable of remaining healthy, if every other cell is riddled with sickness and impurity, interconnection has been stated many times before and shall be infinitely more projected throughout the echoes of time.

For your separate perspective may in fact be no different from mine.

The only wall is the one that we ourselves have built up.

However it may been there with good reasons, as the latter statement may be false in turn and we could be as opposite as the polytheistic and monotheistic options, which do you believe is made up?

For the truth may leave us riddled with more questions than answers until our final day and we no longer breathe.

Otherwise we may find bliss in stillness and decide at last to simply allow the world to play out before thee, simply allowing it to be.

Yet that is yet another perspective, for then we would truly be passive, a force of mere inactivity.

When in reality we should always pursue our hearts better judgement, an active force within this reality.

It can be as simple or as complex as you allow it to be, this world of ours.

You could lose yourself in a million different tomes of varying subjects, or simply lay upon the earthen body and gaze upon the celestial stars.

For you are neither close yet neither are you ever far.

You may be exactly where you intend to be, experimenting with your souls evolution upon this earthly visage that can be ever so plain or extraordinarily bizarre.

I, myself, find refuge within this fact known as fiction, rolling through images scattered in a thousand different languages, my own heart is what is constantly being depicted.

And we are situated at the climax, I believe that to be true, just as those in past times, did so too.

I can’t stand the build up, propelled ever so valiantly into the mystery of simply facing the truth.

As the grandfather clock chimes once more, I suppose the next chapter is due.

Please do not forget that we are the creators and instigators, for unless thought takes form, than a dream alone is all that we can prove.

Thank you my friends, if you enjoyed the piece, please follow my blog for my upcoming work and share my articles with your friends and family.

I’ve recorded another six original songs, the EP (shorter than an album) is titled “Lovers and Errors”, something I believe many Humans can relate to. It is to be released on most major music platforms December 3rd, but you can preorder it if you will by following the link below (it’s also on spotify and apple music if you have such accounts),


Thank you for your continued support, it means a great deal to me.

Sending you Light through Love,


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