Finite Form Infinity

Different states elicit certain responses and reactions, this is clear to see on the micro and macro scale, however, the most uncertain and reactive force of all is the Human Being.

As each differs to a largely great extent and is unique, this isn’t to say that some generic reactions and attitudes haven’t been recorded and can relied upon when it comes to examining and predicting what will occur following a certain circumstance.

Ultimately however, that is but a statistic, and statistics, science, and everything else that is measured, is constantly changing, just like the Humans who developed and are expanding upon these systems.

A part of the natural order that seeks to break free into a separate force altogether, it is rare for a modern Human to flow throughout their daily habit and routines, typically they are flustered, shocked and prone to emotions whenever an event arises, even if the event was known of beforehand, it can still invoke sudden pressure or uncertainty.

As individuals we are meant to evolve and further expand our our skills and understanding as spiritual beings utilizing mental evocations in order to control our physical reality.

However that is certainly a choice, one that must be focused upon through our own free will constantly if we wish to truly see change that is consistent, rather than simply reverting back to the previous state in which we were incapable of understanding and more so, controlling our current state.

Through daily practices and discipline to these ways that become familiar, we begin to explore internal an external territory and map it out, thus effectively ending the mystery of the current unknown, understanding it, so that we may further venture into our Human experience.

A Human following the righteous path will hone and discipline themselves so that they may selflessly utilize themselves to not solely better their own lives, but to better the lives of all other Humans around them, to assist in the healing of the environment around them, to assist those whom are incapable of doing so themselves.

The opposite of the latter, an evolved Human being who selfishly utilizes their skill set to better solely their own life, using what they have learned to manipulate their fellow Humans and environment to their own benefit, caring not for any but themselves.

The selfless are conscious of the symbiosis state, which is necessary for the natural world in which we are all interconnected through, to thrive, for the truth is we are only as strong as our weakest link.

The selfish are unconscious, divided through separation, living life in a linear manner, unfortunately they do not understand that if the elements around them suffer and eventually falter, then they ultimately shall as well, separate, as they always had been so.

The two states described above certainly correspond to different manifestations upon this planet, parasitic and symbiotic on the micro and macro level has evolved to the current state of Humanity, we can infer which element before us belongs to which category if we choose to consciously acknowledge and infer the truth.

Each piece of the puzzle is a representation, an ally or an enemy, and there are countless categories for the latter two primary states, we alone analyze the actions and responses elicited by individual persons and situations and then through our own knowledge (however bolstered or limited it may be) may then determine what we perceive the immediate to be, as natural and necessary or unnatural and out of alignment with your own totality.

The simple matter of the fact is that we are conscious and capable of manifestation solely through our own essence, if we are constantly moving forward in a positive manner then of course we are able to be of assistance to those whom require it, but our assistance can certainly not be constant and rarely should it come as free, an energy exchange is required in order to enact a symbiotic relationship, otherwise it is the opposite in fact.

In this day and age it is vital for Humans who are empathetic and caring to hold their space and harness their own potential, otherwise they will be drained constantly and will not manifest their own dreams into existence, rather they will be used as pawns in the creation of another’s dreams.

On the opposite note as well, if you are conscious of your own state and can be narcissistic and draining towards others more often then not, the good thing is you are certainly capable of change, this is not your fate.

In fact, you could truly bolster the individuals whom you may have been draining beforehand by allowing them to drain you a bit, by that I simply mean, assisting them in areas of their life in which they constantly assisted you beforehand, therefore balancing the relationship to a state of symbiosis.

The micro is the only effect capable of changing the macro ultimately, as each and all is interconnected through the Universe (which, as I’ve stated before, is Latin for One Song, the rhythm and ebb and flow of all that is which directly connects us all).

We rise together or we fall together, the simple matter of the fact is that this is a choice that we must make collectively and consciously, or, on the other hand, unconsciously.

In the end however, Love always prevails, it is always the darkest before the light blossoms, we all must undergo our own initiation into reality through experience if we wish to understand, and we can only truly understand through experiencing life itself!

On that note, stay strong, resilient and conscious wherever you may be on your path and allow yourself to truly come into the piece of the puzzle that you inherently represent.

Do not fall for the illusion, it’s way too easy and unrewarding to stay in the grey without a thought nor a word to say, always however, make sure that your thoughts are truly your own.

Develop oneself in synchronization with your own essence, love yourself as deeply as you love those around you, do not allow your life to be postponed.

We alone know the way, a guide and light can simply acknowledge the correct direction from that which we have been lead astray.

Thank you all for reading, I am grateful. As always, support me simply by sharing my work with your friends and family and if you haven’t done so yet, please do follow the blog to stay updated with my frequent posts.

I am also a musician and have produced my third set of songs, six of them in total once more, and the EP is to be released on all major music platforms on December 3rd. You can preorder or presave the release so that you have immediately upon release by following the link below, your support truly means much to me as this is my other dearest passion. Thank you,

Sending you Light through Love,


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