Seconds to Spare

Shattered to fragments with little to no fulfillment.

An essence if ineptitude, digress and simply spill it.

As nothing is hidden in the shade, the whole is merely partially portrayed.

Until a brighter day, serenade yourself away with empty promises that evoke dismay.

On the contrary however, you may be as light as a feather, despite the fact that we have and always will be balancing upon a minuscule tether.

Forged from fire and brimstone and cooled by the whispers of the wind, soothed by the waters of eternity, now manifest upon the earthly planes is where you shall begin.

Confused and torn, welcome to the ode of the forlorn, still however we embody hope.

For without faith then this world would be a rather cruel joke, something that may be mentioned momentarily before the speaker regrets having spoke.

Yet it is you and I who may momentarily define the day as it plays out before the night envelops and we may at least temporarily evade this astral plain and venture through another as we rest our eyes.

What shall coincide, only the author knows, and through humility and understanding we may grasp that which we inherently through flesh and blood begin to expose.

As we once more once rose to strike a different or all too similar pose, progression or regression, our actions and words void the thoughts which no one hut the thinker ultimately knows.

Decide to reconcile and then in fact you may decide that you would like to stay for quite a while, within the abstract lane of possibilty where mirrors defind which course in this lifetime you chose.

Have a blessed moment wherever you may be. Support my work simply by following the blog and sharing the latest pieces.

My 3rd EP, “Lovers and Errors” will be available December 3rd, please follow the link to save the album so that you may listen as soon as it becomes available,

Sending you Light through Love,


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