Surrender and Serenity

The continuum is constant and must ever be pressed forward without any resistance.

One must live in tranquility and with persistence if they wish to manifest their true existence.

With no hesitation and without regrets, if one is harnessing their honest integrity then how would the latter negative actions ever come into effect.

No, there can’t be any regression for you and I were made for pure progression.

Step by step and word by word, crafted and molded ever so imperfectly to the point where we shall take flight and be out of sight, for us dreamers and believers were never made to exist alongside the numb herd.

For we are no different other than the fact that we choose to seek serenity and clarity within this chapter of complete and utter insanity.

The profane and the tame, two polar opposites that truly go hand in hand.

For one is simply out of control, yet the other was never willing to take a stand, and when they find one another in no man’s land, they realize at once that the opposite has much to teach the other, and at last, lonely as they are, they take hand in hand.

Ultimately, that was all a part of the plan, to accept that which you could never look in the eye and see its purpose is as nessecary as yours happen to be, it just is odd to imagine the scale of creation’s extremity.

This is not to say, accept the opposite if you are of pure good will, for that would be back tracking and you would surely regret it.

Still however see the anger in those that are lost and accept that, once you may too have been upon that chaotic and faithless track, yet you were capable of taking a step back and discovering what your soul truly lacked.

For we may be born whole but this world of uncertainty if you wander within will leave you with a few dents and cracks.

To discover the remedy to the ailments, and to put the missing pieces correctly back, so that we may embody fulfillment, happiness and truth, love alone through the lens of acceptance shall inspire the next track.

Grateful to you all and praying that you are well. Support my work by following this blog and sharing my pieces among your tribe.

My latest EP (I am also a musician) is completed and will be available December 3rd. Please follow the link below in order to preorder it or save it so that you are notified immediately upon its release, your support of my arts means more than you know.

Sending you Light through Love,


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