Past & Future have led us here

Peace is trivial and momentary as there will always be an element seeking to expose the stillness to gain an upper hand while others feel serenity.

We feel the need to constantly be engaged, we must always be prepared for whatever engagement looms over our shoulder, and we as modern humans always fear that we will be forced to reassess the momentary bliss we feel.

For why shall we be allowed to relax when there is clearly chaos engulfing us from every corner of the world.

From the micro individual whom feels overwhelmed with keeping their share of the load together to the macro collective species inhabiting earth, ever so diverse and feeling distinctively separate from their neighbours in regards to troubles and worries.

The earth, our dearest mother, lays unconcious in the deepest of slumbers, restless from a momentary nightmare that has lived for millennium upon millennium, in which her children forget to dance, sing and care for one another.

For studies have shown this and that, yet in the end what have they seemingly demonstrated?

That we are capable of extracting information through dissemination and then in turn purging it upon a society whose minds at times are reminiscent of robotics, cold, programmed and without a will of their own.

Why is it that we are fragmented yet still intact, no longer adhering to the stories and myths that showed each man, woman and child how exactly to live their life if they wish to attain fulfillment rather than constantly attempting to fill a void.

For in this technocracy riddled with disinformation and unconcious tactics, we are constantly cold despite the fact that we have now put on a million differing states of blankets.

Maybe the warmth we seek is within and available if we simply accept that our loss is but a victory upon the horizon.

For the moment may be ever so thick with fog and uncertainty.

The more we render ourselves capable of stalwartly standing amid the ruins of what we once were, the more we may transmute the dichotomy into endless opportunities.

For we are foolish and false if we are to think, that when the endless ocean lay blackened, the earth’s majestic forests have been flattened, the first fire has been put out, and the wind is carried by plagues, we will be capable of purchasing our way out.

Yet that will never be, humans, you and I on the micro will fall long before within the macro and shall never see such a day to be.

For if we change ourselves and begin to alter our personality, then possibly an opportunity shall arise for those around us to shake off their false masks and begin to actually breathe.

Then together we can live in harmony within a natural order, hidden in the shadows from this madness within the twilight corridors.

Floating upon the rainbow river with complete and utter transparency so that we may at last deliver the hesitant song that choruses the endless tales of all saints and sinners.

For beauty may make you quiver and shiver, yet you shall also smile to the fact that you’ve found peace in a hopeless eclipse, shrouded in the veil of illusionary bliss, this makes sense to both masters and beginners.

Now the repertoire must continue if only to avenge the countless and faceless whom have never had the opportunity to be in tune with a moment of their own inner truth.

A hat off to you and all it is that you do, for we mirror one another in so many ways even if none of the similarities of our variables appear to you.

Coincidentally, we lack what we seek and appear to be the key to dismissing our own meaninglessness and futility.

A new chapter allows one to seemingly breathe, an action that has been forgotten by far too many.

For it can be outrageous, can it not, when our world is seemingly governed by external events and internally deceiving thoughts.

As it is all in the mind and shall be dismissed and we take one baby step forward in the right direction rather than two behind.

It’s all apart of our design, the micro and the macro have always intertwined.

Thoughts from myself to instigate the thoughts of yours. Grateful for much in my life, as always as well for this opportunity to purge. If you wish to support my work, follow the blog and share my pieces with friends and family. I bid you a good night or day, wherever you may be.

My latest EP (set of 6 original songs) will be available tomorrow, please follow the link below to preorder or presave for spotify or apple music, your support means a great deal to me as a musician!

Sending you Light through Love,


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