Lovers and Errors

It feels like a millennium ago, when the grass grew green beneath my feet and I felt the soothing heat of the sun bathe me as I opened my eyes to the soft purring of my dear shadow.

For she was my shadow as I was hers, never were we without one another, souls tethered in an uncertain place and an uncertain time, attempting to break free out of a linear wave that shackled us to uncertainty.

Futility it may have been without a doubt, yet I would certainly traverse the illusion of growth in order to contemplate what exactly those star struck days were all about.

As they defined that place in space when you are ushered with grace and then fragmented with horror when it becomes a past tense as she vanishes without a single trace.

This is not to say that no longer do we bear the weight of suspended connection, for the age of technology has allowed at least one of us to continue to pledge our affection, every now and again.

Alas the story as with many before this lays claim to both beauty and tragedy, how else could it persist?

As I no longer resist, these words are but a form of purging every memory that hangs deeply in my heart, now, shall I hit start?

It began as many do, with raindrops pattering and thunder crashing, a hooded young man drunkenly stumbled about his youthful town feeling a deep form of the blues.

There was a young lady who could cure his ailment, just maybe, and there was also the possibility that he could open her mind to understanding what loneliness causes to each and every one of us if left unchecked.

For as he lay in the abyss, she wept, they were replicants of one another, opposite in fact, but that is what the union of the male and female entails does it not?

Opposites, the yin and the yang.

Attempting to find one another in a chaotic world that constantly and fluidly projects information which we are supposed to digest like gluttonous, greedy creatures, if only harmony could eclipse before the end of this feature, then you would not have a story before thee.

As it so happens however, this shadow, the yang, the drunken male who stunk of sweat, blood and ale, decided he would journey to the home of a fair maiden that he had reached out to before, hoping that they would find primal faculties in great store.

As he stumbled through a dark and raging storm, a dream was born certainly before it was burnt and torn.

As she lay in her room, contemplating the past and filled with uncertainty, wondering why the world was as it was and she was where she appeared to be, her mother, a beautiful creature filled with faith these days, called out to her as she had answered the door to find a lonely young beast, soaking from the violent rain.

This beautiful young woman rushed down the stairs, standing in the middle, she looked upon a fragile spirit and up stood her hair.

For she too was fragile, and his outward appearance may have sent her into a spiral, whereas his heart burst from his chest and he found himself encapsulated in a passion that was ever so worthwhile.

So in fact, after greeting her family, she showed him up to her bedroom, where they lay and spoke, before kissing underneath the strikes of lightning, as she denied him going deeper than where she would rather not on the first night tread.

They laid there and spoke, evoking wonders and mysteries that had passed as easily as needle to thread.

That night it all began, a love that was correlated to divine union, a chronicle in the lives of the constant evolution of Human.

As days turned to weeks and months turned to years, the chronicle of this love saw it’s ups and downs, as all do, the truth came out as well as the fear, that maybe the primal and beastly man, although with time he appeared to have been tamed, certainly was uncertain of his own disposition, and reluctantly he was filled with dismay.

The fair maiden in turn began to believe that maybe their love was unworthy, even deranged, why else would her man feel as though he was incapable of living, why did he feel as though he was locked in a cage?

For their love was on the stage of youth, and this is the moment of truth, you either grasp that heavenly chord then or you regret it until your body slips beneath the earth and your soul once more sees that there was only one lover who would do.

Regrets, angst, distrust and uncertainty followed suit.

It appeared to her that her mental rumors may in fact be true, and her love she would ultimately lose.

Through thick and thin she stayed steadfast by his side, even though deep within it was simple that rather than face the situation she would rather hide.

So she withdrew from him subtly with every step that he unconsciously strayed away.

Until at last she made up her mind and tore her love from him entirely when he stated absently at the hour of midnight that he could not see her again.

Thrice he had been uncertain and thrice she felt as though she had been deserted, so into the twilight she left hastily that night.

A lesson began then for the young beast that he detested learning.

For when she broke away, so did a piece of himself.

The fragment of a torn lover seeking refuge was all that remained after she broke the spell.

Then came hell, which carried on throughout uncountable days.

Here he remained in wildfire, dancing with devils and centaurs, until the last of the poison he had consumed slipped away from his veins.

When clarity arose at last his past rendered viciously and constantly in front of him.

As it had done each and every day before, forcing him to abort reality that day once more.

Today however he lit a candle and simply prayed.

He had reached out to her many times before, so what made it any different if he did once more today, the end result would be the same as before, for she had shifted from their shared reality into one that she hoped would not leave her in pain and rather worn.

So she shut him down once more, never inviting him in, for she believed he would simply take the same path as before, the one in which she had left him.

Praying for him silently as he did for her in turn, yearning that he would one day learn the lesson that he fought so hard against, as he was never one to willingly learn.

So burned he did, for another eclipse.

Wondering how exactly he had put himself into such a pit.

Sulking like a child at times and others as silent as a ghost.

She herself moved forward, leaving behind the fragments of loving hope.

Finding herself into others, that is what he always assumed.

Jealous and wrathful, yet understanding that he had long ago sealed what would become his doom.

As for new women in his life, he would simply bare his teeth and howl.

Some enjoyed this darkness and in turn would growl, while others pranced off with a scowl. He wanted no other.

She wanted to simply leave the old days behind. So he shaved his man one day and allowed his life to be as it was, a design.

Resisting no longer and in his heart holding on.

He picked up his instrument of warfare, a guitar, and began once more to write his heart out in songs.

Praying that she would understand his message before too long.

Clinging to hope no longer, for he began to have faith in the moment that whatever happens, could not be wrong.

My latest EP, Lovers and Errors is available today, you can find it by following the link below. If you enjoy it please do share it among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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