Find your Heart and See it Through

If we choose to open ourselves to the endless possibility that exists at this moment and this moment alone, then we are capable of transforming the world before us as we please to do so.

This exists within the confines of manifestation, conscious and deliberate actions consistently with the intent of fulfilling a thought-wave.

We are in three various states; positive, neutral or negative.

The positive state is the way of the creator, the one who sustains constantly their energy line and utilizes that which they possess to further propel themselves in this world towards their dreams, and in turn, allowing the individual to assist and guide those who seem stagnant or seek assistance when called upon.

A dream would be the actualized potential inherently known by each individual, it is our highest calling and can be accessed through our highest self, which is accessed by us no longer resisting or insisting and allowing ourselves to flow towards our own destiny.

The negative state is one in which you defy your own natural dreams and destiny in pursuit of a fabricated agenda in which you believe that if you continue down the path of power, greed and “enlightenment” solely for yourself, you will eventually be fulfilled and without opposition.

The negative state draws upon the energy of others constantly, and needs to be replenished through acquiring external validation and objects constantly as there is never enough.

Negative state repel those whom seek to help, and instead seek to take advantage of unconscious individuals and conscious individuals, to whom they appear as friends and helpers, but adhere to their own alternative agenda in which they will use the resources of their target ultimately and drain them.

In a negative state, dreams and destiny are uncertain and constantly shifting towards whatever is more suitable at the moment for their own gain.

The neutral state would be one of stagnant energy, not knowing where to begin or where to continue, succumbing to one’s inner ill voices, and choosing to not act on any possibility, positive or negative, whatsoever, allowing the world, whether you are conscious of it or not, to pass you by.

In a neutral state, you are not a positive force manifesting change in oneself and in turn those around you, forming symbiotic relationships with all those you may pass.

Nor are you a negative force seeking to further ones own agenda by whatever means necessary, siphoning the energy of those around you so that you may feel more alive and capable, forming parasitic dependencies on those whom are unconscious of your true intention.

You simply exist as is, waiting and internally debating on what exactly you should act upon.

Your life will pass you by in this state.

You will not learn what you manifested to learn.

You will hold yourself and others around you back, until others move forward or drain you until there is little left.

If you are truly content with yourself, then the pathway forward is clear and you are on a positive vibration frequency.

You are sustainer and creator in your life and confident of this simple fact, the world before you is as you make it.

You are both the teacher and the student, offering what knowledge you have attained thus far in your Human experience as well as absorbing humbly the wisdom which you have not yet attained with gratitude.

Your own energy is utilized by yourself so that you may evoke your truth in it’s various forms throughout this life, it is in turn replenished by your own love of oneself and others, and in turn the love you receive from others for the love that you give.

As the full circle is certainly true and what goes around comes around and if you are incapable of being satisfied with yourself and who you are then ultimately you will never be able to be satisfied with another individual nor will you be capable of showing them the love that they happen to deserve.

This is the state of giving and receiving, pure symbiosis enacted through honesty, humility and love.

This is the right way for all Human Beings, it is what we strive towards on a daily basis through the emotional turbulence of being dual creatures, for you may not be capable of experiencing the positive if you have not yet in turn experienced the negative.

If you are not content on the contrary, and harness anger and misunderstanding of oneself as the reasoning for not being content, then you shall in turn project this misunderstanding on to your world view, your actions and thoughts and of course your interactions with other Beings.

You will play the role of the trickster, seducer, con-man (or woman) and victim, blaming everything but yourself for your actions and justifying your own actions to yourself as proper because ultimately you needed to attain in order to fill the void of yourself.

Giving as an illusion in vain to seal the deal, keeping those unconscious of your true intentions in retention as long as they fulfill the unseen motives that you have set upon them.

Ultimately once all the bridges have been burnt, or, if extremely clever as is the case with many negative entities operating in this world (both macro collectives and micro individuals), once all the bridges in eyes reach lead deceitfully back to the negative operator, the void is still there, as you yourself have been incapable of fulfilling your own dreams, as you are searching and seeking everything but oneself.

The neutral is incapable of harnessing their own energy into manifestation, they are constantly looking for the assistance of others, whether positive or negative, to give them reassurance or point them in a direction of understanding or fulfillment.

The neutral is most often susceptible to emotional plagues that manifest as a result of inaction and dwelling on the past or worry of what the future may bring.

The neutral is also the ideal host for a negative individual who will gladly put them to use if they are incapable of doing so.

A large portion of the world’s population in this day and age is neutral.

Thoughtless and ever so comfortable in their true discomfort that they no longer are capable of making critical decision that would propel them out of their inaction.

Relying on the past for their reasons as to why they are incapable of moving forward and fearful or hopeful, typically a combination of the two, of the future, for it may repeat or it may offer them salvation.

The simple matter of the fact is that one most gradually work towards that which they seek, and stagnation will do no good for you or anyone else around you unfortunately.

Sometimes, we need a reminder of this, I know I certainly do.

The truth is that you are either consciously manifesting your own positive dreams and realities upon this plane, you are unconsciously manifesting the negative downfall eventually of yourself and in turn harming those around you as well, or, as the latter paragraph described, you aren’t doing anything to bring yourself up or bring yourself and others down, you are simply dwelling, and well dwelling can certainly have negative impacts on an individual.

I pray that you are on the right path. It’s never too late to realign yourself. Nor is it ever too late, despite what some sad folk may state, to begin your journey and truly take action, to take charge of your life and make something true of it.

As always, you can support my work by following the blog and sharing it among your friends and family, it means a great deal to me as I am spread solely through word of mouth.

Lastly, my 3rd EP was released yesterday, I also am a musician, it would mean a great deal to me if you took the time to listen, I pray you enjoy it

Sending you Light through Love,


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