Allegories and Stories

Feel the moment interwoven as nothing more than a possibility, deliberately projected through the stratosphere, melding both antiquity and that which has yet to be.

Serenity and it’s twin brother, mischief, digest within the spectrum of those who are willing to listen as a new position arises at this moment in time.

Written upon the stars, soon it shall coincide.

A brighter future depending on one’s perspective.

A dawning of the elective, in which nature has selected.

Progress through the seeing glass, see it as it comes to pass, who knows, obviously we are in a different paradigm, the past is but an old cast.

So the mast was raised to relinquish a voyage that was long ago forgotten, one that was sought by the soul initially and perpetually before being corrupted by the complications presented by the rising ego seed.

Far and wide we were forced to sail, following the trail of our mind initially, and to no surprise, this was to no avail.

For there was always another function and yet another surprise, to lead us away from our truth before this vessel we inhabit blew to the wind upon an early demise.

And so, with strength and courage, we lifted the veil and opened our eyes, and suddenly the Universe coincided with our own microcosm, forcing us to accept that we were following a path that would never allow us to rise.

To the uncomfortable abyss which we always avoid, we jumped from our hearty vessel into the depths of the sea, for in it’s mystery alone were we able to see, that which had always evaded thee.

Here it was simple, for there was only up or down, to stay afloat with reason and listen within or to give in to our own depths and ultimately drown, without a single sailor or siren to hear your last sounds.

Here in isolation in the depths of oneself we have seemingly found an ancient treasure that was tangled and bound.

As it remained deep below, never on the surface, this gift was our truth and heart, the only purpose that could truly bring us to a life of service.

A service in which we at last allow ourselves to serve through our gift, and no longer close our heart in fear that we will not be received as whom we have always been, a light in the mist.

As there is no reason to separate oneself from their heart and soul, as that can only leave you at the bottom of a self dug hole.

The perfect place to find yourself is in the middle of the ocean, as here in isolation you will discover your truest calling and devotion.

Upon the end of your journey, when at last you reach the shore, with individuals coming to greet you and ask you what the self inflicted trial was for, you may respond simply, “Oh, I was just delving into my core, certainly I have found what I was searching for”.

In the end, we seek what we possess within, a journey waiting to begin.

Indeed, allow yourself to be whom you are and pursue your highest calling. Love yourself enough to take that first step in the correct direction. That’s the best advice I can give to you and as always, myself as well. Thanks for reading, support my work by following the blow and sharing these posts with your friends and family, my work spreads through word of mouth.

I recently released my third EP as a musician and I would be honored if you would take a moment to give it a listen, the link below shall guide you to various platforms!

Sending you Light through Love,


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