“I’mprison”, then shift at last

Shattered and broken, have you felt that sting before?

In which the entirety that you believed you had known, turns to dust upon the floor. An earth shattering feeling reveals itself deep within you core.

The time for fading from one plane unto the next has emerged, for in the previous realm you can remain no more.

Certainly this is a time to heal and ponder, wonder and wander the states in which you find yourself encapsulated.

For this is the time of vacancy and transformation, a period of being still.

It is certainly not a thrill, the previous man or woman that you once were was killed.

This varies for us all, this bounding moment that in turn relinquishes you boundless.

Free to at last pursue your heart’s venture, as it is intact most certainly, only the perception of the broken believes it to be shattered into glass.

Yet that shall pass, if you allow yourself to surrender to the concept of change.

Change is something that I have emphasized since my own inception, yet something that I struggle with beyond measure.

This correlates to many aspects, as comfort to some is uncomfortable, whereas discomfort is comfort, the dichotomy of those searching for purpose and constantly yearning for something greater than themselves.

For we lack exactly what we seek ultimately.

If we are changing so often, then how do we intend to allow any concrete form of change to manifest.

In fact, if we are incapable of grounding and seeing the wound through to it’s healing, rather than constantly shifting to an alternate source of comfort, then we shall see that the wound never has healed, it has only widened over the years and grown more mysterious.

We in turn, are then that much more reluctant to actively engage the force within, the shadow self that may haunt us through many different aspects of the self that reemerge while they retain hold on us and our past.

Ultimately, letting go and moving forward is never easy, in fact, it is a conscious labor that we must put ourselves through in order to emerge whole once more.

For we lose pieces of ourselves when we undergo shattering experiences, we fragment from whom we initially were.

This requires understanding and empathy with oneself and a willingness to recover from the altered state that we now find ourselves in, we must change into the complete individual once again, with scars certainly, but healed scars.

Memories never fade unless you simply force them away, or unless you come to peace with them.

Ultimately, we are capable of beginning the healing process whenever we choose to do so. Whenever we are ready to move forward with our lives we are capable of doing so. The choice comes from within.

The shift to transcend the limits we ultimately impose upon ourselves.

The choice to no longer condone our past or perception to dictate our future.

The simple matter of the fact is that we consent to our trauma, our pain, we allow it to continue.

We must no longer consent to this, and then in turn, we allow ourselves to be free to pursue the Now.

Presently we are limitless and unknown, for we do not know the future, nor do we allow ourselves to be harrassed by the past.

This is pivotal once acknowledged, but certainly difficult to grasp at times.

We are naturally following the sands of time only if we allow ourselves to be.

We are ourselves striving for our purpose if only we allow ourselves to be.

There is no reason for anything to be definitive, a shift, even the simplest, may free you from the prison and into possibility.

Allow yourself this, for you are true and fulfill a purpose that not a single other cell can actualize.

Thank you my friends. I hope you are well, wherever you may be. Spread the word and support my blog simply by following it.

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Sending you Light through Love,


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