It always comes back to Love

Love and Fear, two opposing forces that mingle rarely and in the most dire and frantic moments, force the other to appear.

Opposites by contrast, there was never a beginning to one nor an end in which the opposition hopes to outlast.

For these two states commonly define the Human race, we are either willing to consciously develop one with grace or bow down to an internal nemesis and then blame the pain upon an external face.

For we are defined by the cage known as the mind, we fear that we shall be left behind or we love the thrill of catching up to the stars projected further into the illusion of time.

Our love can outlast and evaporate the seemingly invincible trials, our fear is willing to give in to the most minuscule of tasks.

So we must be valiant and brave, entrusting ourselves and those around us that this love we encapsulate shall guide us until the end, when we turn the page.

Or we can choose to relinquish our freedom to a seldom friendly sage, who tells us that our suffering was deserving in the first place, and that is truth, if too honestly.

For you can lose yourself in a complex maze, that which is life itself, venturing further into the labyrinth evermore without looking upwards to the light and admit you may require some outside help.

Just as love and fear coincide, as does the darkness and the light, a basic principle of physics understood in this day and age is that the entire universe, this one song, is built of photons, which simply means that we are living light.

As shadows are cast behind the physical manifestation, fear is lurking behind each corridor searching for a way to penetrate the truth that love is simply indefinite.

This should be of the deepest realizations, for our heart is the conduit in which our love is capable of transmitting.

For we are either open or we are closed, the answer to your current state, only you know.

In turn, only you can change, to rearrange and land yourself in alignment with whom you are at this moment in time, not defined by any external force, as the past does not exist simply put, nor does the future currently exist within your state of mind.

So halt and alter your perception, eliminate any preconceived notions, relinquish your fear and concept of possession, then at last feel the warmth seep in, as you are the beginning of an overflowing fountain of universal affection.

Enjoy your moment family. Support my work by following the blog and sharing it with your tribe, I spread through word of mouth after all.

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Sending you Light through Love,


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