See it through, it is true.

Lessons are repeated throughout this experience until they are fully understood and immersed into oneself.

Throughout our Human experience, which we are going through willingly with the hopes of evolution of one’s spirit, we are constantly pressed with challenges and issues in our waking life.

These necessary breakdowns of oneself are required so that we may in turn gain valuable insight and wisdom which we may have not comprehended before having had the lesson.

When we have pushed through the teaching moment, it is then objectively our responsibility to apply the newfound knowledge in our life so that we may further pursue our true calling.

A simple truth in turn, is that if we are unwilling or unconscious to that which we have just been through and in turn make no change to ourselves or our environments despite having just gone an enormous shift, then we may find ourselves in the same ill situation as before hand.

In reality, without accepting change and applying newfound knowledge consciously to our lives, then we are truly doing nothing but being, and despite the fact that being present in the moment is vital, it is also vital for you to discover, flourish and evolve yourself in turn rather than simply situating yourself in the known comfort of the previous.

This is where the lessons that were meant to have been learned a single time, repeat themselves in different manners throughout different ages until they are successfully integrated into oneself.

This is something I know all too well, for we are all in the midst of learning and in turn, teaching what we have come to know.

A simple example for you, I as an individual have suffered with substance abuse issues since I was very young.

I went through my teenage and young adult years perpetually and unconsciously putting myself through the same cycle of intoxication and suffering because I did not want to accept myself as a Human Being, who I inherently was.

There came a point where I discovered during one of many dark nights of the soul, that I could go on no longer, I would either have to perish, or I would have to change.

Change is never easy for the ego, it wants us to stay the same, for when we change, we give control up and allow ourselves to trust the process of the Universe through faith and conscious action, dissolving the past that no longer exists and the mental constructs that keep us prisoner to ourselves along with it.

I at the time was young and impressionable, and sought adventure in the form of change, and so I brought myself to Peru, and traveled into the jungle and drank deeply from her, altering my perception and state of mind completely, and opening my heart for the first time since I had closed it off when I was younger due to the pain that I felt.

Upon return, I had changed, I had learned my lesson!

Or so I had thought.

Despite the fact that I had changed, no one else around me had unfortunately, and soon I was once more in the grips of yet another cycle of abuse because I had not allowed myself the space to truly manifest that transformation entirely.

Since then, I have gone through the cycle a number of times, always believing I had learned my lesson, only to allow myself through deceit to fall back into the pattern.

This has caused me much pain.

It has drained me of much love and light and caused beautiful relationships to crumble to dust.

The lesson for me ultimately is one of self acceptance, and that I am perfectly aligned with myself the way I am naturally, my self worth doesn’t diminish simply because I choose to remain conscious of my current state of all times, on the contrary, it multiplies.

So, change, if it is to truly make a lasting difference in one’s life, must be permanent and non negotiable.

A change from the current state into an evolution of an even higher frequency where you manifest the next stage of intention is always encouraged!

However, allowing yourself to slip up into the previous errors that brought you nothing but pain will truly bring you nothing but more hardship.

The simple matter of the fact as well is that we alone are responsible for ourselves, no one else is.

We alone are capable of living our life truly and wholeheartedly within this world, and if we choose to do not, if will not affect any heart but our own (and of course, those which you could have possibly touched!).

We are here for a very limited time, songs will not be sung, theories will not be devised, problems will not be solved, stories will not be written and certainly love will not be passed from one heart to another unless we choose to do so!

Ultimately, if you give yourself the space, if you give yourself the time to first discover and in turn understand why you are putting yourself through the same trial and error time after time again, then you will be able to fix a part of yourself that broke long ago and is preventing your current self from living the life that they truly deserve.

Every Human deserves love, the truth, understanding, good health and certainly happiness!

So please by all means if this happened to strike a chord in your soul, then do take a seat in silence and prevent yourself from going through the vicious circle, discover the source of the issue, whether it is emotional or physical and do the work to begin solving it on your own accord.

Ultimately, you alone are capable of healing and evolving, as most others themselves are going through their own pain and trauma, and themselves are spiraling through a perpetual circle that they are attempting to solve.

You can only rely on other people for a quick fix in this day and age, or you can be guided by a special and caring individual in the right direction to taking back control of your life (what’s the difference between a medical doctor and a holistic coach? one sees you as revenue, the other sees you as a client, one wishes to see you soon to refill your prescription, one wishes to no longer see you, as you are taking care of yourself consciously. Of course, there are some fantastic medical doctors out there, and some horrible holistic coaches!).

My friends, move forward. By the way, today I am celebrating one month sober. Just thought I would share that. As always, I am grateful. Thank you for reading. Support my work by following the blog and sharing it with your tribe as I spread through word of mouth!

Please also check out my latest musical release, “Lovers and Errors”, if you have a moment by following the link below!

Sending you Light through Love,


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