Cavas Speluncae

Digesting the unrest typically vocalized as forgotten regrets.

As the Sun does set certainly, and the moon herself gives birth to a soliloquy, poetry inverted so that you may ponder upon the beauty of eternity.

Within that beauty however, there is certainly fear, for the path unknown is but a mystery and our inital reaction to such is one of fear.

When in fact it is what we should cling to dear, for it will provide an opportunity to clear that which before was far to near.

Looking in the mirror is a gateway and entrance, that is no pretense in which we pretend, our soul always has it’s reasons.

Reasons to unfold and more reasons to multiply, for an ever shifting being is possible only when the state of stagnation crumbles and allows transformation to arise.

Within this newfound consciousness one will suddenly fulfill many different roles, in order to provide stability to the newfound forming total.

Conjuring and contemplating on the newfound horizon, that is engrained in isolation without need for explandation.

For it is here within invisibility that you may come to terms with that which quells your innermost fire and allow it to subtlety release.

As it recedes, the remanants of a past experience, you begin to once more encapsulate peace and bliss, memories of love once more come through your heart’s rift.

Adore, implore and explore the open sea as never before.

For the world is as boundless as your mind, it is either open to infinite possibility or it is simply denied.

Here, inovate the definition of yourself hanging by a thread in suspension.

For you and I were never held in retention, and this world itself was not meant to present itself as a never ending detention.

Fraction by fraction and piece by piece, come once more to the beginning of your life, before you know it, it shall end and you will either have served selfishly or selflessly, which option do you believe provides more simple ease?

In my heart, I know for a fact that putting life on hold and forfeiting your inherent responsibility, will result in the fracturing of your very Humanity.

So if you seek clarity, then maybe you seek madness, plunging into the unknown may in fact satisfy your intentions.

I hope you enjoyed this piece friends, if you did, please follow the blog (if you haven’t done so already) and share my work among your friends and family, it helps me immensely.

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Sending you Light through Love,


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