Curse of the Forlorn

Isolation is inherently one of the most difficult tribulations a Human Being within any epoch of time must traverse through.

For it is when we are alone that we must acknowledge and deal with none other than ourselves, what a surprise.

On the surface, when engaged constantly and rarely going out of schedule, the Human is as they believe themselves to be, aligned and in order.

Yet take away that order and the mask of serenity that accompanies it and you shall have chaos, if the individual has strong will, then surely they may recover, if they do not however, then the downward spiral may engulf them at any given moment.

We fear being alone because the simple matter of the fact is that many of us are uncertain of ourselves and whom we are meant to be.

One moment on a particular day we may feel bliss and happiness, in the end however, at to fades, it is something that we are constantly searching for, happiness.

Within happiness there is comfort and understanding, most importantly there is love.

It should be to no avail then, that as social creatures (the majority of humans nonetheless, are social creatures) we revel company of other humans, especially when it compliments our own nature, or even better, when it challenges us to evolve our own nature.

For we are symbiotically growing in such a relationship. Or the opposite, if in fact, it is disagreeable.

The question then comes forth, are human beings capable of such growth during periods of isolation?

This is personal, and a matter of perspective and of course involves many variables as well.

For an evolved Human, who has understanding and enough self love, isolation may in fact push them to another level of consciousness and therefore, happiness, entirely.

On the other hand, another human could very well force themselves to a state of constant distractions, as humans are inherently, obsessed with distractions, distractions allow us to avoid the work at hand, and let’s face it, sometime internal and external work is certainly painful.

If there is one thing Humans dislike, as we are programmed to, it’s pain.

Coming back to an initial point, we seek the opposite of pain in fact, we seek comfort and love (even if they happen to be artificial).

So, depending on experience and the wisdom of an individual, isolation is either percieved as fear or love.

A more evolved human will appreciate the escape of the distractions that come from being in the center of civilization, what with all the resources and individuals available at a moments call to wrestle them from their current pursuit.

However, another individual will certainly fear this and see it as punishment, as they will be left to their own devices and will miss the physical/mental companionship of other Humans, as well as the artificial companionship of whatever distraction happens to give them pleasure within society (books, games, movies etc.).

This is simply a perspective, one that arose as I was walking through the woods.

In isolation, I find peace and serenity.

However, I certainly enjoy Human interactions immensely, as well as the artificial companionship of my smartphone, where I currently type this article while sitting in my car.

So there must be balance without taking one side to the extreme.

A note however, I do believe we live in a highly unconcious society, where many do not wish to delve into their minds, I know I have been in that state many times before.

We must choose a balance towards reclaiming inner stillness and finding peace.

We alone are responsible for this task on our own accordance.

We must be concious in doing so in turn, replace the old with the new, diligently.

If you have any thoughts, please share them in the comment section or directly message me.

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Sending you Light through Love,


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