The shifting experience of Life

Trials and errors.

After all, that is what has allowed us to evolve to this point of humanity, is it not?

There are those before us that have either failed or succeeded in various fields of reality.

The experiments they conducted have either improved upon or subtracted from our growth, mentally, physically and spiritually, as a collective macro species made up of micro organisms.

Constantly we are innovating our way of life so that we may further the meaning of the latter itself, to push the limits of consciousness itself and to explore the depths of what it means to truly be alive.

In this regard, there is always the reminder that within life, there is relationships constantly that are required not only for our health and sanity, but so that we may further our collective purpose through intrinsic natural skill sets that some possess and other simply do not.

Within this realm, as I have written about before, there are two forms of active relationships, and a third which is primarily inactive.

The two active relationships found within nature are symbiotic and parasitic, the inactive form is that as I simply refer to as stagnation.

The two active forms are constantly engaged.

Either pushing and pulling symbiotically, which can be seen as giving and receiving, inherently know that it is better to give, as you are in turn fulfilling yourself through another and if you are concious of this truth, it shall be reciprocated.

Or pulling simply in a parasitic manner, wishing to attain as much from the targeted source at the moment until it wells up and can no longer provide.

The inactive form of stagnation is in a way, hibernation, as for the moment it is dormant, but once it awakens, it will activate into one of the two primary states natural relationships, symbiotic or parasitic, put more simply, conscious or unconcious.

This refers back to the initial statement of trials and errors, for we learn through our mistakes consciously or repeat them eternally until you have “burnt all your bridges”, in other words, ridiculed yourself and others to the point that you can no longer push yourself into a state of momentum.

If we seek to truly evolve and innovate ourselves and our ways in their many forms and disciplines, then it should be fairly clear that we must do so consciously, responsibly and symbiotically, for we are only as strong as a team as our weakest link.

If one individual is unhappy, they will spread that through an energy exchange until action is taken to resolve the issue or they are no longer willing to participate.

It takes time to form symbiotic relationships, typically through trial and error.

Once you are aware of your own self worth, skills, morals, you will consciously no longer surround yourself with those whom do not represent the same values (even unconciously, you’ll find yourself avoiding situations and individuals without even thinking of it).

This will allow you, and those around you, to consistently evolve and innovate yourselves and your surroundings in a positive manner.

Parasitic relationships on the contrary, will continue down their unconcious path until their emotional intuition arises and reminds that they are truly in the wrong and not providing anything, they are simply taking.

In tribal societies of ancient times, individuals who displayed psychopathic and extremely narcissistic values were given a time period to change and become part of the whole, if not, they were left alone, forced to leave the collective as a singular.

For if you are not evolving nor innovating and contributing towards the collective purpose, then you are simply damaging the natural flow.

When you become concious of this, you will seek to alter your ways to evolve yourself so that you may bring value to not just yourself, but those around you as well.

Through trials and errors, we have evolved to the point in which we are not only as a collective species, but certainly as individuals as well.

The school of life, or more commonly referred to as, the school of hard knocks, is truly the wisest and in depth teacher of all.

Learn your lessons, remember them very well, alter and change, and simply push forward.

That is the Human way.

Thank you my friends, and I pray that you are well wherever you may be. If you enjoyed this article, share it. Remember to please follow the blog as well if you wish to stay updated with my work.

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