The Old, The New, Collide Unto…

Changes of an immense scale are manifesting in my heart and soul, they have been for quite some time.

I’ve been purging relentlessly and attaining lost parts of myself that I had lost to the ether for quite some time.

The past decade is coming to a close, and with it, much of my entirety is fading away as well, if any of you are feeling a cleanse being brought within your essence, this should be no surprise.

For it is the twelfth day of the twelfth month and a shift is passing through the full moon upon the collective hemisphere, in which we all partake in the moment that shall allow the upcoming chapter to arise ever so near.

In this moment, there should be no fear, for the state of purgatory is one in which we mortally do not peer.

This life alone is an active force in which you, dear spirit, allow yourself to experience the incomprehensible within the Universal tear.

A tear of sadness and a tear of joy, for emotionally we are releasing that which held us hostage by lack of our own understanding that each message and memory that passed through us so far indeed has been nothing more than a gentle nudge.

An awakening in which we consciously accept or stay in slumber until we are ready to unplug.

For we are encapsulated in a state and possess ever so many traits, yet are we conscious of our freedom each and every minute of the day, do we know the role in which we act out this play?

For we are alone free to choose whether or not we expand our horizons or simply cruise upon the same pathway of misread clues.

As in the end we all must pay our dues, either sooner or later.

The pied piper knows this all too well, for he or she, the embodiment of your uncertainty, shall lead you astray, not towards your hearts desire, a sort of heaven, on the contrary, a foreboding manifestation of hell.

So towards the new epoch, what shall take place?

You alone, as the creator of your fate, shall make use of this space, following the same and certain ways, or vanishing without a trace, returning to the wilderness as you were always welcomed within the cycle of this case.

Your, heart, as well as mine, your soul, never are we left behind, your body and mind, shall heal this time, but only if you allow yourself to ultimately align with your life’s purpose, the inherent contract in which you signed.

There are signs that these times could certainly be challenging, but growth was never easy, nor was it ever meant to be.

We did not evolve in accordance to our state out of comfort, rather we constantly pushed the outer limits, the invisible space that surrounds us, to actualize our truly limitless potential.

Allow yourself at last, to shatter the glass embedded within the past, moving forward to a time that shall coincide with your inherent spirit witnessing this experience through the astral records in which the present is the only moment of our time.

Step into your greatness, for you were never vacant.

Blessings thrice fold to you my earthbound family, I hope you receive that which your heart seeks. Allow yourself to accept what is coming to you, after all, resistance is futile.

If you have a moment, feel free to check out my original music in the link below,

Sending you Light through Love,


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