Seeking the next step constantly, alas, what is it that I possess with my bag of skills and tricks to accompany me on the next steps of this journey?

For it is fruitless and repetitive to mindlessly impose upon yourself the same ritual over and over again.

Where is the fun in that?

Where is the glory in chasing a white rabbit until it drops dead?

Know not, do I, however I know these knots in my clear mind coincide with the fire burning in my gut.

For once it burns out I’ll have wasted away no doubt, and I’d rather not do so without releasing the information embedded in my enclosure.

Disclosure to allow a new form to reconcile with the present, for the attention focused has not allowed for anything than small measurements of progression.

And this progress is brittle and little, wishing I could simply reconcile with my fiddle, playing to my dreadful shadows as they sing me a rather beautiful and alluring accompaniment.

For I am whole, my soul pours varying amounts of dualistic energy into my copper cup one moment, only to toss it to the ground and laugh at the futility.

The futility of seeking further and yonder until burdens no longer exist upon my horizon.

Then I will be satisfied, at least that’s what whispers of the astral say to soothe my ever conflicted human condition.

For the emotions and notions that flow through me daily do little to ease the fact that living stoically truly bores me.

As it is constant and cold, staring into this mechanical world of infinity.

Designed by a hand in which we can’t comprehend even though the divinity and beauty of this paradise shows it signs as far as the eye can see. If you can’t see then you are living within solely.

Maybe the blind are far more aware of eternity and therefore once having accepted their share of the load feel nothing but tranquility.

For me, on the contrary however, I know there is a path to tread so that I may once more feel light as a feather, even if it is only momentarily.

I do not seek that which is easy, no the more difficult, the greater the reward shall ultimately be.

This is a concept that has escaped myself and previous incarnations throughout time, but now, in this present, it shall be what I inherently reap.

For what I seek is acceptance and love, mainly from myself, to at last dissolve this long standing feud between my soul and bastard of an ego, this requires patience for oneself.

To escape this point in fate would be of no help, in the long run, it would once more place me in my own personal hell.

I wonder often, do you also feel this to?

Is that why you are drawn to these words when there are other things in which your mind could do?

Are we all tethered to the same collective heart and ultimately pursue, a breaking of the stagnant mold, that which our feeble mind clings to.

If that is the case, then allow us to keep a steady pace.

For our life at once can either be pursued presently or over the ages, allowed to simply fade away.

The day is cold. These past few weeks have been numbing at times, due to the cold and lack of kindred connection. These challenges are driving me to evolve past what I once encompassed, questioning much of what I truly want to become, ridding myself of unnecessary layers that have no longer hold value in my world. This is good, very good.

I hope you are pushing the weight forward as well, dissolving it piece by piece. Support the blog by following and sharing my work with your tribe.

Sending you Light through Love,


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