Unwavering Unconcious

There are pieces of my heart lost in the past.

Pieces of myself in turn, ashes to the wind as the astral clock strikes yet another ring.

These pieces I would not wish to once more hold, for they are scattered to the memoir of the unconcious for reasons untold.

Seasons of dusk in the brisk of a chilling breeze, remind me however of these past seemingly lives in the form of a sudden soliloquy.

They find me, these poltergeists of mine.

When I am at my most vulnerable, in which the opportune moment coincides.

Striking with precise reason and chameleon venom, they push further into the process in which I am currently embedded.

Attempting to sink the ship upon which I have set sail, attempting to infiltrate my soul to no avail.

I may shiver once or twice, when I find myself eye to eye, with a painting in which I have seemingly orchestrated, one of both my birth and my demise.

For the womb and the tomb are separate with a single letter, the mysterious paradox in which we currently inhabit.

For the only difference between these traits universal among all of Humans fate, is how we approach the hand we have been dealt upon this circular round.

Allow me to further demonstrate, for when we are struck down or brought high upon the sky, it is our present state of consciousness that allows us to either run from it all or at last, choose a side.

I choose to be loose, free falling within a loop, surrounded by ghastly apparitions and holy runes.

For as I accept that I alone am turning the clock embedded within the energetic path I tread, then I am able to master what events may align with the stars that rectify what my heart has bled.

For it has lost and it has won, it being the sole organ that allows me to ground and remember where I come from.

As it is a gateway of possibility, pumping the information that in turn forms my reality.

Ultimately and entirely, the only certainty is that we as the gatekeeper may in turn choose what forms within our singular perspective.

We can either allow the pieces torn from us to be rejected, or welcome them home as they have inherently been selected to guide us deeper upon the path of our true objective.

In fact, these lessons of love through pain and the opposite have always been a part of our path, Humans, we mortally acknowledge that.

Thank you friends, I appreciate you dearly. If you wish to support my work, follow the blog and share it among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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