Sliding through Quick sand

Bones before ashes and ashes after bones.

A momentary calculation in which the outcome no one knows.

Predictable, certainly not.

Uncertainty around the clock.

This is the life of those that think without holding onto the reigns, living freely amongst the wind.

A feeling we all encompass and one that we ponder upon ever so much.

For in the midst of the twilight we are reminded of our true essence with an unknown touch.

An unknown touch of mystery, paramount within the vicinity of the individuals clarity.

As there is only more to gain in the danger zone, the unknown, traversed many times before thee by your ancestors who once too were flesh and bones.

The path we all choose has been sown, and the actions we embark upon either allow us to be born again or torn once more.

An endless repertoire of choices constantly manifesting in the form of inner voices, when will we be free to traverse the annals of time universally?

For infinity is but a slip away, however we must stay balanced to stay in the present, if only momentarily as it continues to fade day by day.

The only opportunity to embark once more, is if you relinquish the fear inherent throughout your domain and respond to the call emanating from your core.

For the wild ways may in fact lead us astray, but ultimately in the course of time we will find the only way.

For the salt and the sea releases some much of our misery, as the leaves upon this jungle canopy remind us that our primal nature untethered has evolved into a robotic manner that is ever so well mannered, to find a balance in the middle of this point in time.

That is what beckons thee, similarly to how that is what beckons me.

Calling my heart and soul intrinsically to move once more for this situation as pleasurable and understandable as it may be certainly eats away at me.

I can imagine the call that has haunted me since the inception of what appears to be “me”, certainly too, plagues thee.

As we sre mirrors in so many ways, yet similar, we are in so few ways.

That is the beauty within the complexity within humanity, nothing within shall ever stay the same.

Unless of course, you allow your spirit to be tamed by a world that wishes to guide you with it’s own unconcious reigns.

Embrace your own pace and relinquish running within a race of your own design.

Sending you Light through Love,


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