Revival and in denial of the ever present cycle that we are contained within.

Symbols and syllables activate different states within each and every breathing being. Programming running through our biological circuitry, constantly producing various anomalies within each unique seed.

To deceive and impede or to further evolve the story line, which is confined within our genetic dichotomy.

A mystery indeed that we treat as the known, the further we dive however the more our apparent reality postpones.

We are laying down on a bed of flowers, hoping they do not wither and flounder before we achieve a positive atonement, the state of release that swims within our mental infatuation.

The dictation that slides like notes upon a symphony, each key playing a part in the totality, separating you and me, as we continue to spread our seed, replicate and ultimately bleed.

Deeds that we heed in order to feel as though we have accomplished that which is part of our creed.

Constantly realigning my own values from those that no longer allow me to breathe.

The iniquity surrounds me throughout eternity I believe, due to the fact that I am incarnate as an individual cell within Humanity, the perpetual complexity will only be solved by the essence of simplicity.

Entirely condoning and dethroning the reagent subsiding within each of our minds, only for them to strike back once more and take hold of our domain by besieging our purity and establishing once more, their shadow keep.

The ego game we all play in which we fall into place and forgo ourselves until we can no longer be reminded of how we landed upon this realm in the first place.

The clock of measurement, dictating that there is always more accomplishments to be seized, for we alone are whom we inherently deceive.

Do you have a key to unlock your own mystery, instantly?

Certainly and perpetually allow yourself to fall down into the depths of Hades only to rise like the Sun and shine within infinity, understanding at once that the fallen and risen certainly share the same space.

Keep face if you will, remain still and allow your vessel to be filled with the substance of certainty, that’s serenity.

Confidence in motion swaying along the pendulum we inhabit in order to make sense of the rising and in turn faltering momentum that coincides inside those that are at once both filled and deprived of their stability within the simulation enacting the heavenly hell that encapsulates the spirit of both you and me, negatory supremacy in the face of both unity and adversary.

Words that alone align with whatever appears fractured within our fractal epiphany.

Don’t sell yourself to fall in love, a wise man once told me that. Fall in love first, then you’ll have no need to sell yourself, for that essence is all we possess, it begins within. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season, peace and happiness be upon you from my heart to yours.

Sending you Light through Love,


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