Riders of the Wave

This steady stream of consciousness has accompanied me as an individual spark since I’ve opened up to who I truly was as a Human Being, over three years ago.

It has allowed me to express, digest, contemplate and meditate upon thoughts and emotions that have traversed my essence on a near consistent basis.

It has been my friend, it has been my mentor and it has been my guide throughout many trying times in my experience thus far.

I’ve grown immensely in this period of time, and am constantly grateful and counting the blessing that have been endowed upon me.

I wonder at times why it is exactly why that I allow myself to purge upon an open platform and it dawns on me that there is truly no other way, as what I am feeling is the exact same as others simply in a different composition.

We are truly all one in the same, riding the same wave of life upon a different course, and although we can never truly know what it is like to be in the midst of another’s experience, we can certainly relate, we can certainly emphasize and in doing so, we can acknowledge our own depths and hopefully, push forward within our own experience.

We are all wondering, and if we are not wondering, then we are actualizing, with little time to wonder, as we are in the midst of our acting wonder, our true dreams, or, the opposite, we are wondering of actualizing our true dreams.

My biggest struggle in life is being incapable of truly living life for myself.

At times, I feel as though I am the wave, experiencing the various fluctuations of the infinite riders upon me, rendering me immobile and incapable of comprehending the simple matter of the fact that I myself, am but a single rider, who could never possibly comprehend the strength of the wave, yet alone the depth of the ocean.

In truth, this is an immense relief, for the totality of our unity as a collective species would be crushing and immensely overwhelming, I suppose that is why many of us find ourselves drowning, and eventually, perishing, under the weight of the wave that is Humanity.

For the only clarity we possess is when we are present and in tune with the wave that we as a singular entity are riding, in the midst of the collective.

If we were allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the immense stature and grandiose of the wave that we are riding, then surely we will find ourselves falling away from the vessel in which we glide upon, losing ourselves in the deep mystery of the collective unconscious, possibly never surfacing for air once more.

To this, the antidote I have that constantly evades me yet rings true is in my heart is that if we allow ourselves to focus on the simplicity of the singular rider of the wave, rather than the complexity of the collective in which all riders reside, we can push through, better yet, we can become experts at traversing this vast and endless ocean.

In this manner, once we have mastered our own way of handling our vessel and craft upon a chaotic and uncertain environment, we are then capable of comprehending the fact that we as a collective are experiencing this, the trial of life presented as an ever increasing wave upon the ocean of infinity together.

We can then, upon encountering drowning brothers and sisters, show them the basic maneuvers in regards to how to better traverse this alien realm themselves, however, they alone are capable of comprehending and in turn acting upon these basic guidelines, and then evolving the guidelines to better suit themselves as unique riders of the endless abyss.

Nothing can any lesson truly be taught by another, only oneself is capable of immersing themselves with the knowledge necessary to traverse this world.

We either learn in this life, or in the next, the choice, as always, is ours and our alone.

Remember, we are riding the same wave brothers and sisters, don’t forget to hold on. If you enjoyed this piece, please share it among your friends and family and follow if you have not already done so.

Sending you Light through Love,


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