Vita Ceremonia

I recently dove deep into my heart and soul to recover what I perceived as lost pieces of myself.

Constantly in search of our evolution and the meaning we seek to manifest in this life, we allow ourselves to leave the safety of the known world we inhabit in order to search for meaning within the mystery of this strange conflict that is engaging within the inner worlds constantly whether we are conscious of the fact or not.

We are constantly losing ourselves, in effect, we are changing, when we change, we are no longer familiar, now we are in an alien environment, it is now our task to find ourselves once again, now that we have shifted.

As change is frightening and uncertain, we must have faith in ourselves and understand that this is in fact the only constant we have ever known.

As if we are not allowing the new to separate us from the old, then in effect we are not evolving, we are not allowing ourselves to truly experience life and learn from the lessons that we happen to seek in order to become a more whole individual.

In essence, we are fragmenting constantly from ourselves when we can no longer bear whom we have solidified our persona as, in turn, once fragmented, we journey through life to once more become whole.

Through new lessons and experiences, we are more than we were before hand and are capable of acknowledging new perspectives and ideas that we may not have accepted before moving forward in our own lives.

The worst thing we can truly do in this life is forgo ourselves and refuse to accept our heart’s compass as the arrow leading us to our destination and target.

instead allowing complacency within societies and ideologies that care little for the deeper being in thee to consume our passion and drive, trading them in turn for roles that deprive us of what pushes us day by day to thrive rather than survive.

Running in circles until we allow ourselves to ascend, a vicious cycle that will only end when we awaken individually and make amends with our inner soul, thus breaking the karmic trend.

The lies we tell ourselves in order to feel as though we are doing the best we can dissipate when we surrender to the reality at hand, that there will come a time when we must rise from the shadows we have succumbed to and once more take a stand.

The stand to once more break through, what we believed was certain, what we believed to be true.

For it is certainly merely a matter of perspective, and if our beliefs are cemented infinitely then it us ourselves alone whom we have allowed to be neglected.

At the intersection of introspection, we discover what was beyond the horizon of denial.

For we can live in futility all that we would like, casting our net into empty waters knowing deep within that there will be no coming bites.

Our we can expand our inner heart and open more broadly our external sight.

For there is much that we will never be capable of comprehending if we do not wish to open our selves to the occurrences of others around us and take into account those which have succeeded and faltered around the universal bend.

In hindsight there is little to be said and much to be done, for the actions of our ancestors is how we happen to know them, if they were silent and did not allow their hearts to soar, then rarely are we able to see what must be done, if they roared valiantly throughout life and truly expanded their core, then we are able to extract valuable information.

It all comes back to ourselves however, for this is the project at hand. Once that is only begun when we no longer stand idly by and allow our ego to take the reigns as we are guided unconsciously through each moment by our hand.

Beginning once more at the forefront of a realization, one that infers that we have in fact lost ourselves and must once again come back to our reality in totality by living life without hesitation.

For there is no room for negotiation when we solely are capable of traversing the labyrinth in which we have lost ourselves within, this is the essence of our life.

To slay the beast within and once more emerge alive, scarred and prepared to engage the story we follow, page by page.

To live true to ourselves honestly, or to be molded into a construct that we do not recognize when we look at ourselves in the face.

Happy new year to you all, we are now in the midst of a new decade. Change will take place certainly if you are open to it, anything is possible in this world of chances and possibility.

I thank you for reading this piece, it means a lot to me. As always, please support my work by following the blog and simply sharing it among your family and friends if you found value within.

Sending you Light through Love,


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