Entangled Souls, Free Hearts

At times the yarn of our fate becomes entangled and incapable of further unraveling.

More often than not, we do not recognize this entrapment that furthers us from pursuing the destiny before us.

It happens to the best of us, the worst of us, one and the same, there are moments when our reality is nothing but a repetitive enclave in which we forsake our true name.

We delve into a world of chains, rather than one that is untamed.

We find ourselves encapsulated within the epitome of susceptibility, where we are rendered to a base mold of clay.

These moments in life, in spite, however offer an opportunity to reclaim our freedom, to balance out the old and the new, so that previous mistakes, these lessons we have already learned, are not repeated in vain.

For upon this day, one in which I have lived many times before, I realize at last that I have been both prisoner and warden, and that in order to be truthful I must relinquish both roles.

As there is a darkness in my heart that began roaring since the day I was born, only recently in this lifetime have I begun the process of transmuting these shadows into pristine lights once more.

It takes earthquakes to awaken sleeping giants as it takes being struck by lightning to acknowledge that the energy within us is vibrant and in motion, we are most certainly alive.

There are times that we attempt to force ourselves internally to keep on moving mountains, but only once they shatter apart and fall upon us, do we acknowledge that we were powerless to struggle against the natural order that moves us harmoniously upon the symphony of life.

For the struggle is unnecessary when we see that it is only postponing the inevitable, for we are all placating ourselves deliriously until we actively participate in the universal crucible.

A beautiful and terrifying puzzle in which we are pieces, no one is the same, and upon completion we acknowledge that we were all necessary and active components of the eternal creators creation.

With fascination we are able to contemplate why exactly we rotate and reverberate our own disposition in synchronization.

For we are either in sync or out of touch with the world before us, unified or separate, moving in stillness or in a rush.

What are we moving towards, we know not, only once we discover our purpose as a singular piece are we capable of divulging our own truth, that which is universal love.

We must lose in order to gain, that is an active lesson that shall forever more be both humanity’s hope as well as it’s bane.

Those that believe themselves sane are deluding themselves as they alone believe the dictation that they cling to will provide them lack of pain.

Those that see themselves as insane, are in fact, internally sane, conscious of this internal game that revolves around the external train.

Humbly reckoned is a blessing, for we have but a single chance and opportunity to exact the illumination of who we are inherently, it is not an easy task, nor was it ever meant to be, the trials that make or break us are set in place experimentally.

For we can be conscious or we can shut ourselves away, awaiting a brighter day in which we no longer feel the energy in motion through our holographic veins, always shifting and never in a stagnant place, this is our life that constantly shifts it’s pace.

Be bold and be humble, allow yourself to stumble, acknowledge that these injuries and events were ours alone to overcome so that we may gain deeper understanding of our own piece to this universal puzzle.

There are many teachers in this life, yet you alone are best suited and designed, to comprehend what has brought you upon this chaos, and how best to once more draw order to in this space of stasis.

Granting ourselves permission to change is the beginning of the end that we must embrace, to shift once more into ourselves within inner and outer worlds, or to continue wandering within our own maze.

We have ourselves within this one life, as well as an infinite number of souls, both human, plant, animal and stone, who can assist us in becoming the healer and teacher we are all inherently.

Be patient with yourself and live presently, gentle as the still waters and calm as the breeze.

The answers we are all searching from come from within understanding internally to better grasp the external, this situation then can become one of serenity rather than hesitation.

Allow the coming decade to solidify now within you, for we have the opportunity now to begin anew rather than once more begin a viscous cycle anew.

Grateful for you all my brothers and sisters, the times are only as chaotic as we allow them to be, by that I mean, we are in control of the internal, the external shall only break through if you allow it to do so.

Have a peaceful moment. If you wish to support my work, please do share this piece with your tribe whom you believe it could assist. Follow the blog to stay in tune with my work.

I lost one of my closest friends today, he was my great uncle, Bruno. He was a man of little words, but much love. He was 90. His soul is at peace now. Please, keep him in your prayers. I love you Bruno, and I love you all as well, in case you didn’t know.

Sending you Light through Love,


My music is available via the link below,


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