Remedies and Fallacies

Silence and Isolation, two of the greatest medicines if taken wisely, as well as the most deadly of poisons.

For to withdraw inwards is a gift, yet one that we can very well open with disdain.

As within the pandora’s box, our very own mind, there is a wild and perilous domain.

One that we must enter and map out if we wish to understand our world of operations.

For if we are operating unconciously without further investigation then we have not reached a negotiation in which we can emerge understanding.

To grasp the futility, to grasp this chaotic calamity, we must sail across the deep sea in order to see why exactly we are what we appear to be.

So, without a single sound nor another soul, we venture forward to the mystery, where we have not yet gone before.

Here we will discover what we have not yet before, for we are an empty vessel if we have not explored why exactly the life we lead is filled beauty or horror, maybe a mixture of the latter.

As we are building this destiny, piece by piece and day by day, unless we choose to understand why our life is unfolding the way it happens to, we should not question what manifests suddenly.

For we vary, widely and greatly, at least egotisically, as when we render ourselves to nothingness and surrender to the concept that all is one and one is thee and thee is all and that certainly includes every cell within the universe, our ever spinning infinity.

Seeking within the search that shall prove to be our refuge or our tipping point, for at the edge of the world we can either release our anchor or run full tilt into the void.

Silence will allow us to come to a decision, isolation will allow us to know that solely ourselves will be affected by the new conditions.

This is clarity, this shall suffice, it is better to comprehend the extent of the contract we are committing to rather than following blindly as we quickly sign.

For as we all must take action within the age of distraction, be quiet and be alone if you wish to at last gain some traction.

As if we allow ourselves to be consistently torn by perspectives other than our own, we will be walking a similar road that we have wandered before.

For we know what beckons among the noise and the crowds, a mob mentality that siphons the spirits plea for stillness and serenity, as we are not meant to be bound.

To be found once more is what we seek to definitively feel within our core, an endless cycle if it is not maintained, as we are constantly shifting from one state to another, and if we do not flow without hesitation from one from to the next, we shall be stuck in purgatory, formless.

This road that we all follow is of unity, we alone are capable of shutting down the fallacy that you or I is more important than the flowing water, grazing cattle, or growing tree, for we are all interwoven through creator’s creation.

Only once we still the distortion that is constantly in motion are we capable of glimpsing the inevitable alleviation that shall guide us back to our foundation, our home, from whence we all came.

Never be afraid to ask those around you for time, nor should you hesitate to crawl back inside.

For there comes a time in our life when we question why exactly it is that we seek, then the moment comes that we must venture forth internally for the answer we must reap.

Gratitude my friends, I hope the new decade has been treating you well thus far and I pray that everything you seek begins to unfold. There is much going on in this world, much chaos, we must know that in fact this is a constant in our reality, and that although we should pray for our brothers and sisters, the animals, insects and birds, the plants and mountains, we also need to pray for ourselves to receive the strength required to not be overwhelmed by trialing times.

We are of service to one another in purpose, do what you can, but do not give yourself completely away.

Sending you Light through Love,


Listen to my original music by following the link below. I am currently working on my first novel titled “The Speculation Dictation”, so I may not be posting as often upon this source until it’s completion, by June I am aiming for.

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