Rising Tides, Cooling Mists

There is no blame, no should there be the need to see yourself as a remnant, for the quarreling mind games riding alongside our train of thought certainly do no define us.

Unless that is, we identify with them and allow them to merge with our being, replacing our understanding with needing, needing to be filled, needing to be loved, needing to be held, needing to be in touch.

As we may want what lies beyond our current state, yet if we merely contemplate why it is we are searching outside our selves for satisfaction then we may acknowledge that until we are filled, we should not be filled another’s state.

For there is nothing to offer, until we have released the smoke and smolder, which is held within our chest, a chaotic inferno.

A flame that was lit, oh so long ago, when we were but a spark, yet now the embers grow and grow.

These flames of ours that ignite our passions and actions, are only of use if they are pointed in a beneficial direction, otherwise in our wake we leave merely destruction and decay, even if our intention was love and serenity.

As we are currently directing the flow, our very own vortex, systematically aligned in a spectrum that makes defies logic and even magic, for those two systems are merely variables and equations, that flow from the source of all of creation.

Relations pass as often as they do hold, whatever the case we must allow them to show, to dictate and direct, exactly the lesson that this ship means to relent, but never forget, this is merely for the present moment.

There is no blame, and we are not mere remnants.

For we are journeying further towards the entirety of this fluctuation, awaiting our true destination, like an arrow we vie ever so hungrily for our target, at times we hesitate to appreciate how this entire story even started.

For it can be filled with horror or it can be filled with beauty, it can be filled with laughter or it can be filled with promiscuity, it can be filled with vices or it can be filled with sobriety, it’s constantly shifting and changing, this is all part of ever changing opportunity.

To seize the moment or merely allow it to slip away, we have yet another night and another day, but afterwards, who knows if our body and spirit shall still be one ultimately?

For it passes ever so effortlessly and it can be far easier to allow responsibility slip away from rather than accept it and come face to face with whatever load needs to be lifted that day.

After all, this is merely another chant, another rant, another script filled with anomalies, tips and quips, seeking to grasp a lesson and therefore teach it.

Who knows however, as we are all different feet, not the same shoe shall fit.

Therefore we must seek our own unique disposition, make sense of it and enact our intention through it.

If we do not further expand upon this direction moment by moment, then in the end, we will remain the same as though we had never left the womb.

Peace friends, I pray that you are well. I hope you enjoyed this short piece, the messages I have been seeking to send through myself unto you have been very similar as of late, yet we all find meaning in words differently, searching for an answer in a different manner. Support this blog by following it and sharing it among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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