Following, Flying, Faltering

Fleeing or hunting, we are always pursuing or being pursued by, ourselves certainly, the inside, and others, ghosts on the outside that either seek or evade us in turn.

There is much to be gained from pursuing goals within yourself so that you may discover and grasp them in our waking life as well.

There is in turn, much to be gained from facing what we are fleeing from, and discovering why we fear being caught or discovered by the perceived menace, whether it is within our without.

Within, we flee from ourselves, those fragments of our soul that we unconsciously deem alien for we are uncertain of the nature of this mystery.

Without, we flee or avoid those whom we perceive as inadequate, lesser, negative, many different words could be used to describe why we avoid a noun in our reality.

However, when we are ready to face the monster hunting us in our own labyrinth, we may in fact discover that all along, we were avoiding a skill waiting to be honed, or an ally, waiting to assist us in the journey of life.

We fear what we do not know, and altering your known arrangements puts you on course with uncharted waters, in which uncertainty and mystery are two of the prime elements awaiting you.

However, if avoided, you will never have the opportunity to discover what could very well have been hidden treasure all along.

This is merely a matter of choice ultimately, for if we are not willing to delve deeper into the mystery of life, make peace with the untapped parts of ourselves that we were unwilling to nurture earlier on in life, and make friends of those whom we did not believe we could acquaint ourselves with, we cannot be the whole picture that our soul yearns to visualize in this reality.

There are always more pieces to the puzzle, and if we happen to feel like a stone, stagnant and still, then perhaps we should allow ourselves to be like a blade of grass and be taken by the wind so that we may see and feel an entirely new domain of ourselves.

For all is part of the one, if you reject a piece then you are inherently rejecting yourself, and missing out on what could have been.

We must be open, for a closed mind rarely live to it’s full potential, as you are a spiral, either upwards and expanding or downwards and contracting, impacting in either a positive or negative manner, steering your vessel to serene or turbulent waters.

For there is a calling inside, always, we may choose as to which we shall hide or abide, the sooner we commit to the simplicity of allowing ourselves to realize that each humming and whisper is a piece of ourselves we are meant to allow our vessel to exercise, the sooner we can stop this resistance and allow ourselves to enjoy this universal glide.

Smooth sailing my brothers and sisters, I pray that you are well day or night, my heart goes out to those whom are struggling against odds that are not within their control. Grateful for your consideration of my work, if you enjoy it, please follow the blog, like and share this piece among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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