Vine’s Divine Wine

Reclaiming a lost spark, the divinity within that seems to have evaporated from existence.

This occurred spontaneously when you fell freely into the midst of this vast and endless plane, an unfamiliar and constricted domain in which you must relearn absolutely everything.

Twists and turns occur in the midst of the lessons you believed had been learned, yet are constantly churned, may that too is merely a cyclical experience that you must happen through until you rid yourself of that agony and the feeling to riddle alongside the infinite delirium.

For we are but statues or what are but sparrows, still and cold or fleeting and vibrant, yet ever so difficult to decipher.

Attempting to portray ourselves within an arrangement that is made of mortar and stone, when we are of blood and bone, fueled by our infinite soul, the lost spark we have seemingly misplaced.

That is the irony, we’ve lost ourselves but all we have ever had along is our self in turn, a pity that we can’t seem to make peace with the wretched one biding for acceptance terms.

Time is what it takes, linear energy, that fades away each and every day grain by grain as the sands of time attempt to write you a letter.

One of hope and one of dismay, the author being yourself, the cellular competent linking your emotions and visualizations to the body of eternity.

At times it seems as though we are the painter of the portrait when in fact we are merely a breadth stroke, to be one of a vibrant color or a mere gray shade, that may be a simple decision that we control.

As there is nothing for us to worry about inherently, as we are going to die eventually, and that should not plague thee, for it is as real as the life we breathe.

Within this lifetime we can be lonely or together, we can be mad or sane, we can be happy or filled with disdain, we can choose to love fully or we can choose to hate wretchedly, there are really only ever two answers to the questions in front of thee, how in fact shall you choose to project your energy.

It’s a mystery, certainly one that shall evade this precarious soul until it returns to the source, until then pondering and wondering are two passions that shall be constantly invoked.

For there is not growth without allowing the fires to be stoked, the wind to shake us relentlessly, the earth to guide us to where we ought to be and for the waters to take us off course eventually.

A map, one that is constantly being forged, you can look outside for guides certainly but the territory of your own heart has without a doubt been unexplored.

We are meant to be the pilgrims upon this journey of our own, experiencing the demons and bandits that call our vessel home, and purging them rightfully, so that we may reclaim our temple a place of sanctuary rather than the unknown.

Each and every moment is a step in the direction that you seek to obtain or towards a position that is in fact leaving you more vacant.

Friends, take each step with caution, but put one forward each and every day. I appreciate you all dearly, if you appreciate my work, please do not forget to follow the blog to stay updated, and like and share this piece.

Sending you Light through Love,


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