Reasonable Madness

Reason and madness coincide with one another, for an individual of a sound mind can be unreasonable in their communication, whereas, you will never communicate with an individual engulfed within their own madness, for they are in the process of reasoning.

Reasoning with oneself is an art we all partake in on a throughout our human experience.

For we are constantly unreasonable, either with ourselves, or, projecting that discontent upon those around us. It is the fact that we rarely enjoy existing alone that we find reasons to multiply ourselves to thwart the efforts of our inherent lonely design.

We distract ourselves by reasoning as to why we are in the situated scenario to begin with, we reach out to others in order to relieve ourselves of having to reason with our underlying dilemma.

In reality, if we could simply override this fallacy and come face to face with ourselves silently, then possibly we would not feel the negative accompaniments of the arrangement playing out before us.

For reasoning with ourselves is the perfect cure, finding peace within the chaos is what lures us out, allowing madness to cleanse us may in fact be a common remedy, to dealing with our individual experience that is solely defined by ourselves, yet ever so often we get caught up and are defined by the limitations of a mechanical society.

Attempting to lubricate ourselves ever so subtlety, so that we may turn in unison like the perfect little cog we wish to be, however we are made of blood and cells you see, not iron and circuitry, really though, there can’t be a great difference chemically.

Alas consciously we are the epitome of the evolution occurring naturally, even if we differ greatly on every level imaginable, we are both the cause and effect, the solution and dilemma, a choice to be positive or negative, now that is a mathematical schema.

Suspended for now, yes you certainly are, especially if you relinquish your responsibility to open your mind as to what you truly are.

Nay, you could sleep yet another moment and another day, for your dreams are only momentary, why not allow them to fade away into eternity?

That is the question and the answer all in one. As we can not imagine what was done, or we can understand exactly how and why the reaction caused the situation to come undone.

We can decipher this riddle or merely tangle it upon our tongues.

We can lose ourselves within infinium or comprehend that we have always been exactly where we were positioned from the day we set out to run.

Yet we are either running away or running towards, the vicinity in which our heart shall impose, order upon this chaos, to be stray or to be at home.

Love is a guide, but not a tome, you can feel it and breathe it, not read it nor write it alone, for an expression is expressionless, but allows us to understand, that our fate, our divine madness, is completely within our hands.

Thank you my friends, as always. I pray that you are well and in the midst of your heart’s pursuit. Pray for me in turn, for I am at a crossroad in my life. Support the blog by following it and liking and sharing my work among your family and friends.

Sending you Light through Love,


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