Pausing Pursuits

Techniques of increasing your own drive towards pursuit of one’s goals, that’s a complicated algorithm to solve.

As rarely am I capable of rewiring my chemistry in order to complete the computed tasks involved with progression.

Surely, bit by bit, but the behemoth beckoning me to accomplish this tribulation is rather daunting. In fact, when my brain is racked, there are few reinforcements that can once more beckon me on track, as I am overloaded and in a state of configuration.

Attempting to build a new destination each and every moment, simply because it fuels the essence with creativity and invigoration, at least, that’s what I whisper to myself under my breath as I traverse another chasm eerily.

For if truth be told, I know that I am rather bold, but in pursuit of nothingness, that is the irony that confronts me.

Everything and nothing, changing from whim to whim, this may sound as though I am a hedonistic nihilist who cares not for the future nor the present.

Yet, if truth be told, I care too much, just as each and every one of us belonging to the empathetic bunch, a negative and a positive, both affect and derail me, simply choosing my words carefully because I am in the midst of yet another soliloquy.

I wonder, oh most certainly I do, if I could rewrite my own history, would I change a single comma, noun or rouse, certainly not, for lack of what is would leave me to what is not, and I am but a character leading along this humanistic plot, forward flowing through these random thoughts.

For when clarity strikes and it certainly will, I will no longer feel the need to wash and fold this madness so that it appears presentable.

Colored in shades of the full spectrum and unrelenting, there is a page missing from the final product and upon this there is a sentence and the words that describe our existence is what is written, yet lost to the cosmos, somewhere in the multiverse, there is another version of myself, in complete and utter synchronization and understanding of the mystery that currently pervades me.

There is either too much or there is merely too little, rarely can we find middle ground, certainly there can be momentary balance but soon it too will dwindle.

Then once more we can kindle, set sail and move upwards, reset and renounce your discretion, tell me why are we searching for affection in a world of detention.

Recessions and regressions, inflation’s overriding stagnation, what is your infatuation, are your saturated or vacant?

Believe yourself to engulf into another’s thoughts, an original vocabulary so that you are not stuck replicating the same knot, until you tie yourself so deeply, you know not how to become whole once more with your own lot.

Enjoy the moment, who knows when it shall pass, brighter or darker, our versatile situation is numbed or about to crash with a splash. If you enjoy my rambling, please do in fact follow the blog to stay updated and share it with you friends and family. I’m currently working on my 1st book, “The Speculation Dictation”, which is set to be released by the end of April, if I stay steady.

Sending you Light through Love,


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