Opening Clear Gates

The difficulty of acceptance, what is and what is not, is something that certainly plagues the Human condition, I know for a fact that it’s not solely me that ponders the past consistently believing that it may in fact replicate in the future, and always taking away from my energy in the present moment.

Acceptance comes about for each Human Being at a different point in their life, it has occurred to me, it’s occurred to others I know, but there are layers of acceptance, thresholds that we must overcome in order to finally be at peace.

For there is without a doubt immense peace in knowing that what has happened did so for a reason and in fact, left us a wiser, more formidable and skillful human being.

Accepting the past as an unchangeable occurrence is immense, for once you accept the matter of the fact, rather than seeing it as fiction, you can begin the process of forgiveness, towards either those whom you remember having been the perpetrators of what you are unable to accept, or in fact, yourself, for having been the perpetrator of what you dare not acknowledge.

In the formula of acceptance, there are 3 aspects to the equation, forming a trinity, the first being acceptance, the second being forgiveness, the third being gratitude.

Acceptance comes first, as if you do not accept and process what has occurred in it’s entirety of truth, then you know not what you are forgiving or being forgiven for, needless to say, forgiveness comes second.

As once accepted , you can process of relieve yourself of the burden of holding on, this is a large step, as it requires you forgiving yourself or others and also, if necessary, reaching out to those who you have wronged in order to make it right.

Lastly comes gratitude, as we must be grateful for the opportunity to accept what has occurred in our life as a gift rather than a curse, a lesson that allows us to not replicate that which we have already experienced in a poor manner in the past.

The result of acceptance allows you to move forward into the present without hesitation and dividing thoughts.

This is a common situation that many of us find ourselves within, can we accept our predicament and allow it to be as it is, so that we may be present in the moment and actually accomplish what we intend to, rather than allowing what distracts us in the back of our mind, the haunting we refuse to see and exorcise, to take away from the little time we already possess on this planet.

Ultimately, we can only move forward when we come to terms with our life and all the events that have led to this moment and defined us as the individuals we currently are.

If you seek peace, then you must certainly seek it out and seize it, releasing the opposite in turn to the winds.

We are all capable of and deserving of living our life to the fullest, we do so when we recognize and acknowledge everything is a part of our own journey, and accept it as such.

Thank you friends, I hope you are well. Please follow the blog if you wish to stay updated, and like and share this post if you enjoyed it.

Sending you Light through Love,


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