Unraveling Thread

Audio Version available for this piece, please let me know what you think of it , simply copy and paste (the music is not mine, it is merely a playlist on spotify called classical study music): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovdnjsdmsn5zx98/Unraveling%20thread.m4a?dl=0

Shadows are the epitome of our own anatomy, a trailing ghost that never is far from reach, clinging to our light even as we attempt to keep it at bay.

Throughout our experience we attempt to override the system that we have inherited through generation upon generation of societal programming, as well as familial programming, but even when we believe we are no longer casting darkness externally, it could very well be holding up internally ourselves, waiting to be released once more.

For we possess a very interesting story, each human being is made up of tales and experiences that transcribe into the present moment, these are both positive and negative, forgiving and unrelenting, we attempt to bid them farewell yet even as we believe they have set sail for the final time, eventually they make their way home, waiting to be greeted once more.

This is the dogma that is infused in our veins, the truths and lies that are interwoven throughout our essence that dictate our past, present and future state.

We attempt to keep our true self hidden away out of fear that it shall not be greeted with acceptance within the construct that we perceive externally, and so we shy away and attempt to bleed ourselves dry within the illusion of conformity.

Yet in reality we are merely cutting away the energy gifted to us with neglect, for rather than dissecting the layers that represent our very own individual rendering of consciousness we simply accept the anointed description of how we should operate so that we may feel as though we are not abstract.

Far from it, we are exactly who we are and who we appear to be, naysayers, the unbroken, what most would consider an anomaly, yet still we feel the strangulation ripping through our veins and hearts, leaving us entirely at the beginning once more, where we must yet again start.

Start to discover and feel both pain and wonder, rather than relent to the lies that we tell ourselves under the covers.

For this world is merely a cage and we are but the show to the invisible spectators, those that watch our mortality dwindle wondering if we will ever build the courage to lift our fingers and write our love letters.

For within these letters are the essence of what we are and once were, what allowed us to crash and burn to the depths of Hades as well as soar to the cosmos alongside those that too chose to roar.

As lying in down waiting for the shift to lift us once more does no work for you or I, merely it renders us as victimized puppets, not in control of the unraveling thread which is the course of this discussion.

Never did we evolve to this point if only to bear our own Armageddon and lay down our lives for those whom do not care, nay, we are the entirety individually, a representation of fallacies and possibilities, why is it that we rarely breathe in the sustenance that we so dearly wish to receive.

For this sustenance is made of ourselves, the cells and ions that we gave to the wind in pursuit of withering away within meaningless shells, welcoming us into our own personal hell.

It is here and here alone that we cry, shiver and moan, writing upon an endless tome of our qualms, sorrows and pains that we wished had been unknown.

For these are the remnants that cling to both you and me, a child whom we could not save that perished starving alone in the streets, a family whose home was burnt by a natural tragedy, an elderly member of our family whom we could not forgive until the day it was too late and they passed away into infinity.

Yes these are the shadows of our heart, locked within our essence where we dare not tread, reminding us of those whom we once considered friends, and the lovers that no longer lay softly within our now empty beds.

Indeed these are what make us question whether or not we will vindicate ourselves in this ever vacant detention, for we are locked alone within our minds at times with no one nearby to satisfy our aching verses and lines.

Certainly these are the moments when the ghouls and the thieves, the witches and the poisonous priests, the politicians and those that practice ill suited comedy, reach towards our souls and attempt to render them into negative polarity.

Creating a vortex bringing us down until we find ourselves cold and alone at 3:33 upon the corner of the street, whispering to others who have been taken afoul by the winds of eternity, wondering how we all came to be.

For it happens ever so frequently, does it not, that we unleash the beast within and become mindless, numb and without a thought, proving to ourselves that we are all subjected to the same crucible of eternity, so who are we to judge that which we have not suffered through slowly.

Indiscretion and without affection, the intentions of unconscious obsessions laid the groundwork for the chapter of a long and drawn out battle of friction, almost swallowing every man, woman and child whole, until they all came together and acknowledged at long lost that even in the darkest of nights, they are never without a home.

For when we are together and acknowledge this without a doubt, we no longer separate ourselves and become worn and drawn out.

This may be a battle cry, a glimpse into our collective memory.

As when we no longer lock away the fact that we all suffer from the same fragility, we can at last acknowledge that we are all reliant upon one another for the sake of sanity.

We are weak when we allow ourselves to be subjected to the division of tyrants and tycoons, for we are a collective entity, and each piece of this magnificent puzzle teaches us more than we alone could have alluded to.

We are not mere shadows, no we are the vessel that they seek, integrating and understanding why this portion of ourselves follows us ever so closely can grant us understanding as well as peace.

Thanks brothers and sisters, I pray that you are well. Support my work by following the blog and liking this post and sharing it among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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