Geometric Ordered Dictation

There is no clear answer to the question posed, who and what are you?

For we are an expression, infinite and volumous, within a finite circumstance we impose and request the information passing us by, whether or not we choose it to digest.

As whatever we appear to be, within typically there is a very different melody, the same verse within a different symphony, aligned with our mind but not our spirit.

Or the opposite in fact, which makes it ever so difficult to remain intact.

For we are shapeshifting into the ultimate manifestation of ourselves, through pain and sorrow, laughter and love, what shall we exact?

Other than our very own truth, a single message that for us tends to soothe all our ailments and curses, suddenly we are no longer entangled within a noose, now we are free and able to choose.

Who and what we are, a vision, a decision, a repertoire of friction, reality or simply fiction, we are determining our unique disposition each and every day.

There is nothing secondary that could ease our heartwrench and dispose of our calamities, only through allocating our heart as the primary will we be able to strengthen this bond that long ago we made.

As no one else could possibly choose, we are either going to win or we are going to lose, but the potential is all that is set loose, this world is what you make it to be, and it shall crumble before too soon.

That is merely to inspire your own pyre, set flames to your passion and push further than the what you believed possible, for comfort shall make you dire.

As we must feel cumbersome when we are constricted to the bone, wondering as to how we can break through this current fading superstition and at last return home.

For home is in the heart alone and that is where we must start, to define the indefinite and begin yet another changing pursuit.

For it is incredibly tiring when we play a game solely with ourselves, as to remain stagnant or release and at last simply repent, alter yourself and understand that the brokenness will persist so long as you allow it.

Jumping into the present can certainly be quite the gift, so long as you know what you are going to make of it.

Yet, hand it over and succumb to this message, you are the most precious fragment and you alone can inspire your heart and soul to reach towards the heavens.

Sending you Light through Love,


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