Transforming Us

Our inner world (mind and spirit) is in direct correlation to our outer world (physical reality), there are many states the internal can represent, as it is constantly shifting, much like our physical reality, there is either beauty or there is disgust, depending on one’s perspective.

Generally, throughout my own experience, as well as described by others throughout time, as we are in fact expressing our own perspective of the collective due to our own individuality, there are three states that we can find ourselves encapsulated within.

Within these three states, there is the choice between being selfless or selfish, that is positive or negative, we are either of service to others and in turn ourself, or we are merely serving ourselves in order to gain as much as we can, regardless of who it affects or leaves in ruin.

That is to say essentially, that we are concious of our own actions or we are unconcious of them.

Furthermore, the three states I am describing are in fact inertia (stagnation, unmoving), chaos (passionate and without control but constant) and order (controlled, purposeful and harmonious).

As beings of change, we are constantly shifting between these three states, through discipline and intent, we can find ourselves consciously in order, however it takes a constant effort in order to maintain this order, lest we slip back into a previous state.

The first state, inertia, is passionless and unconcious, unmoving in any direction and merely waiting.

Waiting to take action, waiting to make change, waiting to come to a decision, it is a helpless state in which we know not where to direct ourselves and our energy.

This is a state of mind that is very easy to become stuck within, as the longer without action, the less reasons we perceive there is to take action, this is a state where illness of the mind and body can manifest rapidly, in an effort to make the individual take charge of themselves.

The state of inertia is often seen as a state of victimhood and sedation, feeling as though you are within the current state due to external circumstances and there is nothing you can do about it.

The only way forward from inertia is through change, taking charge and moving forward and not allowing the past to define who you are and what you have become.

When shifting from the state of inertia, we can become radical, hoping to effect a change to the now unbearable stagnation in effect, we move forward into chaos.

Within chaos, our energy is uncertain, but it is constant, we are taking on far more than we should in regards to work, relationships and hobbies, believing that if we are constantly in motion, then we are moving in the right direction, even if we may not know the direction we are intending to move in regardless.

Chaos is represented as the unknown and uncertain, the mystery that shall eventually produce a truth or known variable that we can grasp and actualize.

Here we are discovering and learning a great deal (and retain very little of it generally) so that we may discover what in fact shall give us meaning and purpose.

We are in fact the polar opposite of inertia, never stagnant, always in motion, feeling lost when we are immobilized for a brief moment.

This is a state that can very well easily transition back into inertia if not handled properly, as the mind becomes overloaded and the body too tired to continue to maintain the rigorous schedule now being implemented.

On the contrary, you can find exactly just what you seemed to be searching for within chaos.

Finding the purpose you have long sought after and then in turn discarding the unnecessary parts of yourself you created in hopes of reaching fulfillment.

Indeed, order typically comes from chaos.

This is not to say that order cannot arise from inertia, for within stagnation you may realize why you stopped gaining traction in life altogether and then in fact move forward once again towards achieving what you seek.

Order, the stage of understanding yourself and fluidly moving towards your own purpose consciously arises from seeing yourself merely as a piece to the puzzle, and then fulfilling the concept of that individual piece in turn.

Seeing yourself in the totality of life and understanding that you are merely a part of it, rather than believing it to be a part of you, that is an incredibly freeing thought.

As no longer are you bound to abstract beliefs or thoughts, you are bound to fit into the individual you are, you are bound to be yourself, you are bound indeed to spirit.

Within order we are both calm and active, at peace with the purpose we are fulfilling and working diligently towards completing each task at hand.

We are in service to ourselves through service to others, knowing that we are all intrinsically interwoven through the web of life and actualizing our own unique potential in accordance.

This is not, as stated before, indefinite, it takes skill and consistent practice to enact order in our lives, as it is just as easy to slip from order into inertia if we become too comfortable in our ways, just as it is easy to slip into chaos from order if we overwhelm ourselves and forget our intentions altogether, pursuing more than we are capable of, and each human being is capable of only so much.

It is good to be aware of these three states and to always work towards manifesting order in our lives, when we understand our place our purpose, we are certain of ourselves, we are more confident, we are more happy and most importantly, we are more capable of dealing with our lives and the challenges presented within it.

Inertia is very difficult to overcome, as it can leave us drained with having done nothing. A step forward each day towards what you seek is the remedy for this state.

Chaos too, leaves us feeling as though we are accomplishing a great deal, so we are not even aware that we are in fact uncertain of what we are trying to fulfill.

I’ve felt all three states in this month alone, I am a very emotional individual who can certainly shift states quickly.

As human beings, i think that may be a curse and blessing of ours, capable of radical change, yet if it is not guided nor with purpose, then certainly the change can leave us in a more uncertain disposition than we had been beforehand.

Strive towards your truth, that shall ground you and leave you certain, don’t strive for others truths, acknowledge what is within your power, yourself alone, and allow the rest do flow as you do within it.

Friends, have a lovely weekend, and I pray you find the order and peace of mind that we all seek.

Sending you Light through Love,


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