Truthfully Disposing

Honesty is critical, especially towards oneself, vulnerability and honesty go hand in hand, for when we are vulnerable and accepting of that state, the truth comes out naked, rather than attempting to hide portions.

It’s really difficult to be honest with ourselves when in fact we no longer recognize who and what we’ve become.

The base qualities of the being is there, as it never fades, but it seems as though the puzzle has been broken up and pieces are scattered throughout the four corners of the universe.

Honesty, allows us to at the very least accept that we are scatted and in a state of heightened awareness, we are vulnerable to the fact that we are currently in repair, and time, or at the least, the illusion of it, will grant us peace.

Staring into the warm eyes that hold your soul, searching for the person you once knew, is not exactly a simple task when you are torn in two.

Between worlds that you know and those that have yet to come, it is a rule of thumb that we continue moving to the beat of our own drum, yet when we are clearly off beat, we must turn inwards and analyze what is causing the disruptions and hesitancy.

Integrity and clarity appears through the lens of honesty, for here we accept every part of me, as a way to release the discrepancies that affect our heart.

Constantly the process is in motion, for we are in distortion.

This shall settle when the dust that collects in our heart stills and we no longer feel chained to our false preconceptions.

We find direction through selection, removing the lies and voices of discontent that flutter freely through our heads.

Honestly accepting ourselves as we truly are without hesitancy, can remove blockages that had caused ailments you believed required external remedies.

Yet we heal ever so deeply in truth, falling in love with the one who sits deeply in tune.

A critical moment may at last force us to ask why, we’ve been living a fallacy when all that was required was for ourselves to delve within and discover why in fact we were willing to hide away from our drive.

Sending you Light through Love,


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