Play the same old game

Second guess it a thousand times over, whatever the subject or decision that you are contemplating, if you are contemplating it constantly, then just do it.

There’s really no pain in discovering the other side of the door, unless it releases you from existence entirely, then that is certainly an issue, as we are incarnate to experience and explore, not lose ourselves in the darkness and obsolete downpour.

There is a reason we question ourselves, over and over, and over again.

It is because we are uncertain of the unknown, this grand expanse that takes us beyond our comfort zone, will it break us or make us, who’s to know other than you alone.

If you find yourself more whole afterwards then isn’t that absolutely lucky, if you are broken on the other hand, then better luck next time, and may the odds forever be in your favor in the now dreadful reconstruction phase, in which you put the pieces of your soul once more, back together, so that you may implore how you have grown through the vanity of reality.

The shattering of one’s ego, or the uplifting of it, they both lead to the same inevitable decision that we all must undertake in the end, certainly, death.

For the more we can gather within this realm, the more we can learn, the more we can expand, the less we decide to burn, the less we decide to yearn, the less we decide to turn in circles, the more we can truly emerge.

Emerge as what we were meant to be, a mere figment of eternity, yet one in solidarity, one that can radiate loving energy, one understanding of it’s place within this infinite space.

So, if it’s but a taste of the latest, indulge your senses so that you may momentarily feel as though you are the greatest, know that deep down we are all utterly vacant, and completely full, yet we are all bound to our karmic blanket.

That which hangs over us and only releases, when we have picked up the pieces of our past that we believed had been buried and written upon the deceased list.

No, on the contrary, it clings to you just as it clings to me, only once we pay our debt shall we experience everlasting harmony, until of course, we rinse and repeat, why exactly we were dealing with our previous contract initially.

Finite, indeed we are, but that’s no surprise, so if you are as I am, then please do in fact open your eyes. Realize what’s inside and accept your calling, don’t place faith where it not needed.

Yet that calling, and that question, if it is constantly arising, complete it, contemplate it afterwards. We alone know what is in course, yet we do not, solely our soul does, good luck.

Sending you Light through Love,


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