Shackles, Keys, Illusions

The only constrictions are those that we impose upon our own mind and bodies through disbelief.

The opposite of the conduit that enables us as limitless Beings with infinite potential is just that, as through faith and discipline alone are we capable of transcending our selves, as we are certainly our greatest challenge within this lifetime.

For only when we have conquered ourselves do greater trials and tribulations come into play as we have accepted the call of action, and life itself responds.

We fear so greatly that there is the possibility that we may not be capable of accepting ourselves for whom we truly are in this world, that we lock parts of our heart away within the abyss within, which lies in waiting to be reclaimed when we have at last gathered the courage to remove the bondage that we have set upon ourselves.

The endless circle that we are all within, whether or not we shall emerge victorious or defeated is encoded within our own sequence.

For we choose each and every day furthermore exactly how our destiny shall unravel and what it shall invoke and portray.

Day by day and night by night, we live ever so fully or allow ourselves to be hollow inside.

Mere reminders coincide with the feelings within my heart to reconcile with the world by which we abide, as the dictation as above, so below has and always will remain true, for what lies within your mind, buried or buzzing about at all times, will certainly reflect in your reality and either aid or impede you.

It is critical in these times that regularly drain us if we not on guard, to remember whom you are and finish what you start.

For this whirlwind passes us by ever so quickly, if we are not diligent in processing the information flowing through us then we may not be able to manifest the resources we alone have accessed that could possibly aid other souls wandering this reality indefinitely.

As there are day, weeks, months and years at a time that can leave us feeling frozen, incapable of assisting the forward function of the universal design.

Necessary as they may be, they can leave us feeling ever so empty when we are truly blossoming indefinitely, becoming the soul within so that we may offer peace.

Peace to ourselves, relax and roll over, take the passenger seat and surrender, allow the past to at last attain closure.

Sit in the releasing grace that this is the moment in time in which you have entered a new phase, a place where the pace has changed, for the better or worse we alone are the architects that dictate how our present is to be arranged.

So therefore be a strategist, acknowledging that both pain and bliss are persistent within the nameless, the void in which we are traversing and and never will be tamed, so when we attempt to control every aspect of this game, we find ourselves buried under the weight of those who before us, attempted the same.

As at last we can see clear skies when we open our hearts to a new start, no longer struggling against the blockage that began when we ourselves forgot that we were in control of how in fact the next chapter of our lives was meant to play out.

Sending you Love through Light,


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