The Nimble Splinter

There will come a time when you no longer care for the opinions of the internal and external monologues echoing throughout your skull.

Within this stillness, you will remember why and how your spirit is full.

For within the shifting sands, where we were long ago buried, remains a hologram embedded with our essence and dignity.

This phantom of ours, lost in the depths of time, remains a reminder to us as to why we must constantly refine.

For within the process of peeling back the many layers, we see our simplicity is not an equation, it is the definition of our truest made manifest, the one who will awaken now or later.

If it were up to you or I, we would be capable of comprehending the infinite mystery of this grand experiment, in which we are partaking in and allowing our fates to derail if only to realign.

Attempting to control the uncontrollable, attempting to define the inexplicable, attempting to discover ourselves in the end through a world that is both old and new, one that is coming undone as another is birthed into our view.

If we are due, as we have been for sometime, then perhaps we can become conscious of when and where we drew the line. On one side we remain, on the other our soul is caged while an apparition reigns.

If we can find the way back to our serenity in the form of internal unity, then perhaps we shall no longer be bound to this majestic play.

As our roles are makeshift and our minds are typically empty or filled to the brim with information of another’s design, to at last come to reason within our heart, soul and mind, would allow us to create a reality that does not happen to slip and slide.

For we lose what we attempt to gain in vain while repeating to ourselves that we do so simply because we ourselves are ever so sane.

A moment indeed shall arise ever so often where you question why the pursuit of an illusion is all that you hold dear within your perspective when in fact one day we shall be met with the end times.

For that occurs in a linear manner, just as how we measure the days by the hour, as a single grain on sand falls to the bottom of our reserves.

As there comes a time when we must answer the questions that are beckoning, then we shall suffer if we never were used to remembering, the moments in life that made us and broke us, those feelings we hide away fearing that they may choke us.

So invoke this blessing, one that grants peace and silence, use this chance to further forge a path in the wild lands, mingling with ruminating flames and staring at the eternal hourglass.

A possible moment is all that is presented, it is either taken to heart or furthermore neglected, never will your life be as expected, but you can remain protected and unaffected if you choose to hold the same stance and never shift your predicament.

It’s of the essence, we are fading, maintaining our oaths or evading our duty, we are not immune to uncertainty, certainly it is the only way to forge possibility.

Sending you Light through Love,


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