Floating towards Our self

There is a place within, a desolate catacomb that encapsulates the deepest part of every man, woman and child, this crevice within is the resting place of our shadows and our light, the birthing place of which piece of our essence shall manifest in the dawn and twilight.

As we are made of the entirety of the cosmos, every element cascades within us, every emotion stirs a different reaction towards traction or dissolution.

In the beginning we are uncertain and incapable of traversing this deep labyrinth known as the Human experience, for we are a single soul marching down our own path, knowing not the destination but acknowledging that we are upon the journey.

The darkness and the light are in unison, forming the chaos incarnate within us all, as we are shifting from state to state, but the equation of our self is never shifting, it is knowing.

Knowing in the sense that it is creating, destroying and stripping apart layer by layer the construct we believe ourselves to be. As this world is a creator, sustainer and destroyer, within, we too are the three aspects incarnate.

For we are sustaining ourselves within a world that is sustaining itself in turn, we are creating our own truth, which comes natural and easy to us, as we are simply following through with what we are meant to, further more, we are also destroying ourselves, we do so by not following our truths and by following different fallacies that we have discovered and wish to find solace within.

Our hearts, either full or hollow, have always been our compass, that which guides us towards the inevitable, our destiny, the arrangement we have set in place so that we may experience our selves fully blossoming rather than withering.

The most difficult part of the Human journey is understanding, accepting and at last learning, for we are shackled most certainly but also hold the key, to be free or bound to our own perception, that is what we have control over in this world indefinitely.

For if we can understand that we are experiencing the external world through our own internal compass, then we can shift our direction so that we may recognize the driving force behind our intentions, are they consciously invoked or unconsciously revoked.

For we will spin along the same circle that reflects our inner reality indefinitely until we begin to take the opportunity to take matters into our own hands, and at last see our perspective and worldview expand.

For it is ever so easy to lay deep in the abyss our own soul, sifting through the embers and coals that used to burn as an inferno, pushing us to live our lives to the fullest and never take for granted each and every divine moment we have gracefully attuned to.

The day breaks and the night falls, here we are granted once again the salvation towards the means to our ends.

There is always a search going on in our heads that lead us all over the spectrum, we can only conquer once we at last surrender, for when we surrender to ourselves, acknowledge that which is and that which is not, our vices and gifts, then we can begin to allocate what is necessary in this lifetime for us to persevere.

This is an honest flow, for the war within is what you and I are both facing.

We can meet this struggle head on and with our truest intentions or on the contrary we can avoid the engagement entirely and look back at the end of our long journey and wonder why we were closing off our hearts, allowing our souls to be neglected.

I have a choice, to be in harmony with myself and those around me, or to simply neglect my duty as a microcosm with the freedom to enact my thoughts consciously.

I can decide to climb to the pinnacle of my existence and actualize my purpose within, or fade away to the depths of time under the guise of sin.

An admittance that I have been drowning within my own dimension, which is why these words seek to set straight my own recollection so that I may renew and move forward in the correct direction.

As I am responsible for that which I seek and that which I manifest, this is within my power.

Time moves faster and thus we must begin to move slower, so that we are not speeding to the end of our lives, as this life is merely a flower, it shall blossom or wither, depending on whether we feed it toxins or water.

I bid you all a beautiful day or evening. You are your greatest power. Utilize the gifts you possess, this is what we are here to do, discover the courage necessary to be ourselves, and in turn, leave the world more full than it was before our finite time runs out. Follow the compass, it shall lead you to where you are destined to be. Follow the blog if you wish to stay updated with my latest posts and share with your friends and family if you believe they would enjoy these pieces as well.

Sending you Light through Love,


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