Astral bound feathers

We are not fixed to a specific setting, nor are we obliged to renew old contracts.

We are shifting completely and utterly each and every moment towards fulfillment.

For we are fulfilled at last when there is no longer a want, another desire to merely flaunt.

We are empty when we are in pursuit, searching for stillness upon the skyline when we have yet to examine the roots.

There is a mystery, one that we perceive with ever so much complexity, it is our own reality, governed by our honesty and integrity.

For it is a lost cause most certainly, when we allow ourselves to be burned with mental fabrications, creations of our own initiation, that drive us further from our only destination.

For we are in search of at last having resolved the state that negates our truth, the voice that has been called.

Echoing a statement, over and over again, when we will rid ourselves of this chaos, eliminate the hanging inertia, so that we may embrace order once again.

An endless cycle that fluctuates indefinitely, only at last halting when you pass through to the realms of infinity.

As for just as often as we tend to shift we are granted with a brand new gift, one that unlocks a possibility if only for a moment.

It is then and there that you must decide, to enter a new chapter or continue to hide, for no one shall hold and answer or resolution, you alone hold the truth of absolution.

For we have the opportunity to shift, as it is within our nature, to renounce the previous electives that bound us to unnatural favors, in order to accept the fact that we are indeed meant to be players, rather than spectators.

Action through intention will result in manifestation, positive or negative, maybe result is intertwined, ultimately however it is all of your own design.

Thank you tribe. I pray that you are well. Support my work sharing this with your friends and family, and follow the blog to stay updated with my work.

Sending you Light through Love,


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