The brave spoken word

All the various shades present must be appreciated.

Even if they are completely and utterly unappetizing to oneself, in fact in that regard, they should be further examined and seen for why they are viewed in a negative manner.

For we find that which is within ourselves as well, that which has been denied or discarded, to be no longer acceptable within the confines of our own perspective.

Which is understandable, as we struggle with experiencing that which we do not understand, or have moved past in our own lives, when it is thrust upon us suddenly.

What we have control over when we are immersed in the midst of our opposition is our own reaction, for the action taking place is certainly beckoning it.

In fact, this is merely a lesson, for its teaching will draw us further to ourselves, or push us deeper into denial.

For if we can merely accept this moment, this individual, this statement, this movement, whatever this opposition present happens to represent, then we can move closer to understanding.

Understanding this moment as it is inherently interwoven through us in turn, piece of ourselves that once accepted, will allow knowledge of unity to a higher degree.

As it all within, as it is without, this moment is meant to condition us, so that we can further accept our own self in this world.

That is the most difficult tribulation is it not, accepting the soul within that is encapsulated throughout all of reality.

We find serenity when we are no longer bound to judgement, as above and so below, you and me and them and they, all are admitted into the great mystery.

Theres no point in trying to understand the I finite diversity, for that will give birth to complexity, on the contrary simplicity is received once acceptance of that which is has been conceived.

In your heart and soul eternally, indefinitely will you be tested until you fulfill the urge to surrender to both suffering and bliss so that you may ultimately persist.

Sending you Light through Love,


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