Arts decay and blossom

Another day to embrace and accept our individual place within the pace of this world where we discover our own way.

New doors open as old gates close, reminding us that the present is all that has an ever will be imposed.

A gift if we are willing to take it, a curse if we aren’t willing to shift, as there are hidden lessons that will shake our foundation if we will simply leave them with a glimpse.

For our eyes are open, if we are willing to simply see, that this very moment in time correlates with our destiny.

The fate that if we embrace will do wonders for us all with haste, for the longer that we cut ourselves away from truth, the longer we wander away.

As we are a representation, that is flowing among the stars, words written by our own hand, that has left us with pains and scars, as well as mechanisms and skills that push us all the more far.

Further and deeper into this mystery that we collectively traverse, giving birth to a new eon, one that we have not rehearsed.

As this is a new moment, a brand new experience, to allow ourselves to be encompassed by it or to accept our place within, these are our choices, be they of they path of a holy saint or one tainted by sin.

What more could we truly ask for, as that is what we inherently seek.

A place within a world unbound, flying is difficult when the feathers of your wings fall freely to your feet.

Yet we can make this a wonder, if we choose to no longer flounder, our gifts within this order, where chaos rules supreme.

Always with haste, we rush through our time, in hopes that we will feel bliss at the end of the ride, but the tide is rising and the moon is high, a new day awaits those of us who would surrender the state of uncertainty and allow the blossoming sun to rise.

As we are not meant to hide under the failing disguise, this is our life, never question whether or not you can fulfill the act separating you from your demise.

Slow your breath and still your cries, know that the waters we tread are filled with quarrels and moments of surprise, but be not impacted for what has come and what shall be, for we are in the midst of a grand scheme, the symphony is playing out in harmony seemingly before both you and me.

Peace and love to you all, and I pray the day and night is good to you. We have but one option on this planet, to our own souls, we must be true.

Sending you Light through Love,


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