The Fertile Soul

Keep on pushing forward with all of your heart.

Your steel trimmed heart, protected and cold to the touch, will only unwind when you refuse to continue to rush.

For we become embroiled in the ambiance that is situated by our own vibration, the state of mind that we project whether we are conscious or not of the intention.

As we are forging the direction of our creation, options are manifest as long as we are receptive to the possibility of infinity.

Limitless or limited, we place the boundaries upon ourselves solely through a perspective that is selective due to our own unique experience upon the journey.

The task then is set forth once more to attain freedom and clarity, which is readily available to those of us whom are bent on attaining serenity.

As the world is built backwards and we are here to decipher, a mystery so grand yet simple enough to the point where find ourselves in denial.

Denying ourselves and our brothers and sisters, as we are no longer in tune with our own humanity, we then delve deeper and deeper into profanity, which does not grant access to the knowledge of our of frailty.

For we are fragile in this world, whether or not we accept that fact or not, a piece of lead or inhaling noxious dread can easily replace our physical experience with that of the flower bed, which is why we must push forward and scream our battle cries.

Feel the burning passion in your heart and soul that you can never deny to make the most of this world that vividly paints a masterpiece before your very eyes.

As it is easy for us to give in to the ways of sin and unconsciousness, pretending we are not in control and in fact are suspended.

Is it easy for us to believe ourselves separate from the entire equation, and that we do not stand a chance against the vicous winds pushing us to and from our current dispositon.

Yet we are only in control of our will and our intent, without regrets allow yourself to reflect on why exactly you struggle with the blossoming solution that would fortify your resolution.

For there is much we seek to resolve, but cannot absolve our frame of mind, so we are unable to verify why we seek to pursue the revolving ghosts.

There is only so much time for us to ponder whether or not to take decisive action, yet if your soul is speaking true then you must go forward without hesistation.

As this piece of parchment, that which contains your story, is awaiting a plot, a beginning, middle and ending, so that it may at last possess a summary.

What we do and what we think, affects us indefinitely as it is what we portray.

The rising tide is in tune with the falling sun, we must be wary of our progress if we wish to know when the task has at last been done.

The task of life, trials are tenfold and suffering shall always make a surprise, yet the more we build ourselves a strong foundation, the more prepared we shall be for the unexpected tribulations.

Our path is a constantly shifting destination, we are responsible for our own application.

For the situation is only as dire as you expect your effort to be futile, just as it is only as beautiful as long as you awaken each and every morning expecting it to be bountiful.

We are the creators and destroyers of our own destiny, the molders of infinity, the appliers of prosperity, the one who neglects our protects their own humanity.

A beautiful day and a beautiful night awaits you my friends, I pray that you are well and thank you for reading this piece, I hope it brought you what you were looking for. Support the blog by following it and sharing this piece among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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