Tripping Streams of Us

We have an infinite amount of decisions and possibilities within the framework of our reality, yet only one true path.

The path we have always followed throughout the course of our infinite existence, yet that which we seem to lose momentarily and sometimes permanently when we find ourselves within this world.

Although we are a unique flower, blossoming with infinite potential and divine purpose, encoded with a mission from the other side, once we find ourselves upon the assembly line of Humanity, it can be very difficult to realign and truly be ourselves.

As we are constrained and constricted, stamped and pushed forward into a world that does not recognize us for our unique talents and capabilities, if they are not in demand and applicable in this physical world, they can very easily be brushed aside.

There comes a time when we must question ourselves and the path we have chosen, to decide whether or not it will be something we can look back at the end of our time and be proud of.

Was it truly our intention when we set forth in this Human experience, or did we merely allow the world to take hold of us and break us down into a more malleable imprint, one of the common human who’s soul no longer sings freely.

This is a question worth pondering, although certainly there are many variables dependent on each and every Human Being that dictates many aspects of their individual lives such as social, economic and political standings (to name but a few..), in the end we are all searching for meaning, and through discovering meaning, we discover happiness.

Certainly there is no more noble pursuit than that of your own heart, for within your heart that lays gold, and through discovering how to access our heart in stillness, our intuition can guide us in uncovering the treasure that lays within that will never be found no matter how hard you search in the outside world.

This world is at a reckoning it feels like, many societies are struggling to maintain their old ways, the younger generations are awakening to the fact that their planet has been ravaged by the greedy and unconscious ways of our ancestors and have begun to search for meaning within harmony with the planet and themselves.

For we are but a micro within the macro, a cell of the body of Earth, this is all too easy for us to forget and when we do so we begin to suffer immensely, believing the world is solely punishing us, when in reality, we are simply feeling the ripple effects of the collective unconscious, every one of us must pay the price and share their weight of the load in these times.

It is here and now, that we have the opportunity to break free and discover whom are.

This is known as the soul search, where we retrieve the shattered remnants of ourselves from the abyss within the depths of our essence and put ourselves back together in a whole manner.

The dark night that can last an entire life will give way to the light of truth once we actually allow ourselves to act in accordance with that which makes us feel alive.

It’s not as easy as it sounds certainly, as we all have worldly obligations, but it can be done, over time and with patience and dedication, we must find where we left off and set the course once again, for this is our journey, and we alone can fulfill it.

The hero within us all, which is found throughout every culture and every religion, is meant to bravely actualize their potential without thinking of the consequences from the unconscious majority nor the judgement of those closest to us.

We live in regret and uncertainty when the path we follow is hollow and unworthy of us.

I feel this way currently, as a 23 year old man, who is faced by the pressure of the world to continue to pile the weight upon his shoulders rather than set it down and once more feel alive.

I can imagine many of you feel this at times as well, and rightfully so, for unless we are questioning ourselves and our intentions, then we are either in full alignment or we are in a state of disconnection.

What we must do is constantly be in motion, for if we are stagnant then we fall even further out of connection with ourselves.

Never be afraid to challenge yourself and your capabilities, never fear the unknown, embrace it, fear is the dream killer.

Follow your heart, never silence yourself, we alone are in control of our destiny.

Peace and stilllness to you my friends, I hope you are doing well in your endeavors. As always, support my humble work by following the blog and sharing this piece among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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