The (un)chartered Life

Pick a card and roll the dice, your life certainly depends on the thoughts and actions that you project and hopefully shall suffice.

As we are in the midst of a transmutation, forward or backwards, an open invitation or a ceremony of isolation.

Across the lands as far as the eye can see, there is unconcious and chaotic activity, injecting us with fear and rejecting various opportunities to at last accept the call to embrace your individuality.

Your soul alone can be postponed, clasped in chains and thrown to a designated cell of it’s own.

There it remains, waiting to be brought back home, until we wander within and dictate that we can no longer walk as the dead, embracing nothing and feeling hollow.

For there are decisions to be made and opportunities to grasp, some will fill you with vigour, others shall shatter you like glass.

There are days when we are embedded within the past and others where the future seems despondent, presently we can’t pick up the mantle of our forward momentum, in order to accomplish up the task.

Moments where we feel dispersed and off course, moving in far too many directions that we can’t comprehend how we could possibly feel this rehearsed, knowing the reality before us is merely an act, accepting that we are following in the footsteps of those who were simply following the wrong track.

As we must go off the beaten path and embrace the discomfort that comes with knowing not where to continue, here in the wild lands we have the opportunity to begin anew and create ourselves as we once were, forging connections with our heart that had been previously dismantled.

Opening up our lungs and filling them so that we may at last speak our truth no matter how difficult it may be to recieve.

Opening our eyes once more fully and honestly so that we may see that the world itself was never forcing us to deny our dreams.

Opening our mind so that at last we may think clearly and freely.

Opening our body to the possibility of connecting with those that share similarities in the loving frequencies.

For when we shut down and and shut off, we reject ourselves and dismiss the reason we decided to admit ourselves upon this journey, no matter the cost.

As ultimately this decision is ours and ours alone, no one else cares for how you ascend or descend this game of life as you are the only one in control.

It is easy to feel vacant and full of thorns, but know that the pain too is often the greatest of teachers, allowing us to accept our fallacies and once more align with our throne.

For we are the king or queen of our own spectrum, once we acknowledge that we possess the foundation to build our kingdom within, then the process of creating our life truly begins.

For it can be a random course or it can be decisively groomed, this life of ours has been sailing since inception, stay the course of your own vitality, otherwise you will be forced to sail through chartered waters that disgrace whom you ought to be.

Be true to yourself and honest to your soul, the only lies are those that we take as personal.

Roll the dice, embrace your life.

Grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for reading and I pray that you are well. If you enjoy my work, please do share it. If you wish to stay updated, please follow the blog, I write regularly.

Sending you Light through Love,


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