Realign the Path

The environment we find ourselves immersed within is a makeup of the totality of us as a species collectively, meaning we all are bound within it’s confines intrinsically, and our purpose in turn woven within as well.

We are a product of our world and our world is therefore an environment of ourselves as well, the micro within the macro and the macro expressed within the micro.

Naturally when we are flowing through life with purpose and without hesitation, it can feel as though we are walking on water, as we are open towards the infinite possibilities present each and every day.

Our minds, when open, acknowledge that everything occurring is in fact happening for us, in an attempt to awaken us further so that we may continue to evolve to our potential, which is boundless.

On the contrary, when we close our minds down and live separate from the world around us, it is incredibly easy for us to enter into a state of instability, which leads to uncertainty and ailments of the mind.

When we focus on the past, we enter into a state of depression, as there is unresolved trauma for all humans, suffering is quite literally a part of our condition, it forces us out of our comfort zone so that we may gain the courage to overcome the tribulation and become stronger in totality as a result.

When we project into the future, uncertainty arises in the form of anxiety, disabling us from performing optimally out of fear, fear, which is merely false evidence appearing real, as quoted throughout the ages.

We can either live in complexity or simplicity, which is an easy statement to make, but much harder to achieve, especially considering the fact that we are an evolved species and there is an abundance of information, fallacies, procedures, laws and systems in place that assail us endlessly in the modern world, which can make grounding ourselves in peace all the more difficult.

As initially stated, we are a product of our environment, and our environment is a product of us, if we are conscious of this matter.

We are initially programmed from a young age by our family, friends and society as a whole, we are not exactly an individual, rather we are molded initially, and then in turn it is our responsibility to break free of the mold so that we do not merely live a life of uncertainty, which can very well lead to unnecessary suffering.

We as the micro can certainly affect the macro, causing a ripple effect of change, if we are conscious of our purpose and confident in our intentions, on the contrary, if we merely engage as little as possible within the paradigm of our own lives, allowing a fatalistic point of view to take hold, then “fate” may in fact guide us down a path of self realization through loss, pain and fear, until we awaken to the fact that we are the only variable within our life that we truly have control over.

Once we actualize our potential and are ready to accept the challenge of dealing with the pressing issues that we face as a species, we can join others and truly make a difference, until then, we are merely aimless, we must find our direction, and aim our intention towards it’s mark, if we wish to truly change the macro from a micro point of view.

However, it all begins with you, the micro, the micro must be of a positive structure if it wishes to influence the negative structure of it’s environment.

I’ve discussed in the past, the three states of a human being, which are discussed in the vedic text, the Bhagavad Gita, are that of balance and peace (satyva), chaos (rajas) and stagnation (tamas), we are constantly shifting through these different states in the search for purpose and harmony as an individual, once we grasp ourselves and are disciplined enough to maintain our purpose, we enter into satyva indefinitely, which is of balance and peace.

If we are balanced in our mind, body and spirit, then we are conscious of these three intertwining aspects of ourselves and their role in fulfilling our life’s work (our spirit is the energy source, our mind in the controller, and our body is the tool utilized in order to carry out our will in this reality, when harmonized, we can fulfill our purpose without backlash, fear or hesitation).

Most of us live in a state of chaos (rajas), attempting to do as much as possible, constantly distracting ourselves and working far too hard for far too little reward, we do this because we know we are meant to be engaged and active in our lives, we simply do not know with what exactly yet, and haven’t done the inner work to discover ourselves.

The state of inertia (tamas) leaves us depressed, anxious and uncertain, unwilling to engage the world around us and allowing our opportunities to pass us by merely.

My friends, my life’s work is to optimize myself so that I can truly be of service to our greater reality, to us all as a collective, I believe that is the greatest gift, to overcome ourselves so that we may help others do so in turn and make this world a better experience for those that have not yet been born.

In order to do so, I must be very vigilant in where I utilize my energy, as it is incredibly easy for me lose myself in my own mind, a gift and curse of mine, as my mind allows me to create, just as it allows me to destroy, it allows me to enter into harmony, but chaos just as easily.

Let us work together in this lifetime, let us become who we are meant to be, it won’t be easy, but every step forward is an immense victory.

Grateful for you all, stay safe out there, wherever you may be, as there is chaos amidst, as always, be vigilant brothers and sisters, stay forward and centered. Support me by sharing this post with your tribe, and by following the blog so that you may stay updated with my work.

Sending you Light through Love,


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