Control or Controlled

The only variable we are in control of is ourselves within this plane of existence, it is our core responsibility to not only maintain ourselves as whom we truly are but also to hold our own space so that other perspectives and philosophies do not alter our original sense of self.

As we grow throughout this lifetime, there will be points in which we expand and those in which we contract.

We expand when we are influenced by positive fluidity and presently engaged with our own unique purpose, whatever that happens to be, not affected by the actions or beliefs of others, just as we contract when we are under the influence of others thoughts and belief systems that do not serve our own evolution, when we are under the state of inertia, otherwise known as uncertainty and depression.

The largest challenge in life is authentically being true to yourself and following your heart and intuition, ultimately when your trust yourself you will inevitably be capable of serving and assisting all those whom you encounter within this lifetime, as you are not resisting, you are flowing and growing.

We are held back immensely by those whom we surround ourselves with, or on the contrary, we are fortified and supported by them.

Your core group, your closest friends and family, will be decisive factors in whether or not you will be supported in your journey to simply be yourself.

If your family and close friends support you in your hearts pursuit, it will undoubtedly be far easier for you to do what you need to do in order to manifest your life’s work (planning the work and in turn, working the plan, will be much easier with support systems around you).

If they do not support you in your endeavor’s however, then you will most likely need to limit contact or eliminate it all altogether, otherwise remain in said relationships and struggle with the pursuit of your own truth, as it is being downplayed by those around you.

The most important aspect of this equation of self actualization and pursuit of one’s life work most certainly revolves around the individual themselves, do they possess the faith required to see their trial through, do they possess the courage necessary to break through the fear and self limiting thoughts that tend to challenge us all.

At the end of the day, the only variable we have control over is ourselves, we can not control the external elements, solely the internal elements, meaning we can not change or alter the beliefs and perspectives of other individuals and collectives that attempt to sway our own truth, we can however, block the information that does not positively influence our growth, and only infer what is necessary from other people and ideologies.

In this world of chaos and confusion (until we balance ourselves and ground faithfully in the simple fact that we have control over what we do and how we do it) we must constantly be vigilant in how we are operating as unique human beings with a purpose unknown to anyone else other than ourselves.

If we surrender to others and give our energy aimlessly to those that do not have our best interests at heart then we are going to be constantly disappointed and drained, wondering why we are always confused as to why we can’t seem to get ahead.

If we surrender our thoughts to the perspectives and ideologies created and enforced by others then we are incapable of coming to our own conclusion, we forgo critical thinking which is necessary if you truly wish to be free, as knowledge is power, a statement that we forget ever so often in this time frame we collectively inhabit.

Stepping into our own power and truth and pursuing the passion and skill set uniquely gifted to us is no easy task, first and foremost it requires you to build the courage to be responsible for your life and everything within it, meaning you are willing to take charge of your thoughts and actions and not allow external forces to dissuade you, it also requires you to monitor your thoughts and actions and ensure that you are following through with them of your own intent, rather than the conditioning of external sources.

We as humans beings are meant to grow into conscious, good natured and powerful beings who are true to their heart and place within the world, we are meant to be responsible for that which we take and give unto the world and all those around us, we are inherently bound to our own contract, that which we wrote with ourselves when we decided to enter into this existence to begin with.

We alone can step into our power, we alone can give it away, we alone can accept our place within eternity or neglect it indefinitely. Follow your heart, accept your truth, open your mind, let your soul loose.

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe, keep your mind sharp and your vessel in tune, further your journey and continue to bloom. If you enjoyed this piece, share it! If you enjoy my work, show some love by re posting it. Please follow the blog to stay in tune with my writing as I post rather frequently.

Sending you Light through Love,


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