Shifting Winds, Due Course

Beyond a burning hill, underneath the rivers moving ever so freely, within a deep chasm, there lay an old man wandering freely.

Despite the fact that he had been out of touch with the world for a while, he was not spiteful nor was he in denial.

Simply in search of solitude, a place to rest his weary eyes and no longer think.

For his thoughts had been assailing him relentlessly, not allowing peace to guide his heart as it continued to spin.

In full circle and in unison, there was an uneasiness that spread across the local vibrations when he wandered to each vicinity looking for a place to mend.

As though it mattered on the setting and characters present within his story in order to actualize the potential within.

For his spirit was strong, yet it seemed to hide, deep within a crevice where he no longer did reside. In simplicity however, the enveloping complexity arose out of a need to merely see the disillusion present within a wounded warrior who could not pledge himself to merely be.

For within the search that one may impart themselves on, the key to continuing forward each day is to remember your roots and where you are from, for if you lose yourself in the quest to see where you will eventually be, then merely a shadow hangs in the open frame of what you could truly be, infinite possibility.

Still however, there are always reasons and inventions, that were used to misguide the wanderer, throw off his morals and true intentions.

As you can not simply move unaffected in a world where there is no true direction, only within can you manifest your dreams and intentions, otherwise they will be swept away in the white noise and philosophies that emit from all others that seek to dissuade thee.

The longer the journey continued in solace and silence, the more together the wandering man no longer felt bondage, for he was freeing himself from the trappings of the mind that will conquer even the most wary of adventures unless they are willing to take a chance, opens the hidden door and see whats outside.

Truthfully, among the sapphire waves a reflection was revealed, a stranger nonetheless you will begin to feel, if you are unable to recognize the truth within and the meaning inside.

As the treasure is revealed when at last the wanderer seeks refuge, allowing the turbulent tides to transform into a still lagoon, here, clarity can at last form, when the truth is revealed that we do not fear the world but we fear our place within it and if we are capable of pulling our weight through.

The baggage that continues to drag behind us all, is only justified as worth bringing along if we have not yet released and sorted through it, the longer we continue to tread without allowing it to be unleashed, the sooner we may fall and our opportunities cease.

For just like the old wanderer who runs, crawls and hides, realizing that the world has taken every last piece of him and he can no longer remain confined, we can find ourselves escaping the meaning of our own history.

For the past is but a piece of us, lessons that once learned and accepted no longer haunt us each and every day.

Our mind is a tool, crafted and designed, to discover the world outside as well as analyze that which is inside.

Our body is built to endure, create and explore.

Our spirit is the guiding compass, without it in fact we remain aimless and out of touch with the magic of infinity, that which we can choose to experience each moment more and more.

If a single piece of us is misaligned, then we will feel the totality of ourselves misunderstood rather than defined.

Embrace your heart, feel at ease with what shall be, flow freely rather than struggling through resistance, exempt yourself from internal fear and fragility, be true to yourself and the odds that be, for change is the only route forward that can grace the world and you as it continues endlessly.

As it’s all within ourselves, we can acknowledge that after a lifetime of searching, only then do we realize that what we have sought after all along is what we are truly yearning for.

Sending you Light through Love,


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