Sailing through States

The ego is the obstacle feigning as a challenge, if you merely pass it by freely and move forward towards the true pursuit of life, truth and happiness, and the way you are going to obtain the latter states, you will be able to avoid much suffering.

For suffering arises from confusion, chaos, fear and misunderstanding, and the mind loves to be in the midst of complexity, to the point where it can no longer recognize the ever shifting reality before it, therefore, do not engage the thoughts that suddenly flow into you unless they align with you in your own wholeness.

Your wholeness, the unique state of consciousness that defines you as a being within your human experience is discovered through the trials and errors of you living within this reality, you discover what aligns with your heart such as your passions, skills, comforts, attractions, dislikes, downright disgusts, everything that encompasses you is but a choice, one that you decide upon and discover as you continue to traverse through this narrative.

This story, our very own, certainly has a narrator, one that attempts to control and sway the outcome of the tale that we wrote, and that is none other than ourselves!

More so however, it is our ego.

It is what we believe ourselves to be, what we believe ourselves to want, what we believes ourselves to be, it is created through societal conditioning and the inability to bring forth one’s truth, their heart, their spirit, into existence and to live alignment with none other than ourselves.

The ego will always be with us, after all, it is our identity to a very large degree, it is vitally important to remember however that it is merely a perspective, certainly not permanent, susceptible to change in the blink of an eye (unless you are stalwart in your conditioning of course and resisting life as it flows through you).

As change is the only constant, we must always remind ourselves that the present it solely for the moment, it will alter most certainly just as we do.

We only evolve through experience, from taking lessons of both a positive and negative manner and incorporating them into our own knowledge and wisdom so that we have more information and memories to draw from when we are dealing with a new found challenge.

The challenges and tribulations throughout our lives make us strong and more complete human beings upon our road, the mind itself will constantly present challenges, some that are meaningful where as others are merely distractions, meant to deplete you and take away from the limited time that you possess within this lifetime.

Ultimately, we must be diligent in holding our space against not only the external world, but the internal as well, as you can be your greatest ally or worst nemesis, depending on your state of mind.

To be controlled or to be in control, the choice is ours to tame ourselves in this world and be in pursuit of our highest calling at all times, or, the contrary, merely being the space holder and mind while it moves aimlessly through life as it passes you by.

The choice is simple to make, but difficult to enforce. All the power that ever was or ever will be is here now, tap into your divine potential.

Grateful my friends, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these thoughts of mine. If you happen to enjoy my thoughts, then please to follow my blog, as I post frequently, also, share my work with your friends and family if you’d like to show me some love!

Sending you Light through Love,


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