Frieden Freisetzung

Comparison is futile beyond comprehension, for when we compare, at least in the instance of individuals, and individuls, we human beings, are those within the natural order of reality that are prone to comparing and pondering when we are uncertain.

However, when we compare, we believe there to inherently be similarities between the subjects that are under analysis.

Humans, no matter if they are twins, are simply not similar.

They may possess similar traits, interests and dislikes, close characteristics and such, in reality however, they are a unique individual whom is meant to blossom into their own wholeness, their own totality.

Under the influence of others around us, we may deter for our truth in order to satisfy external thirsts, in turn, losing the power of ourselves in the process.

We can try as hard as we would like to represent that which we are not, but at the end of the day, we are ourselves, we can hide in our own shadows as much as we would like, believing staying hidden away will grant us safety and acceptance, but in reality, there is no safety in fading away into eternity without having built up the courage to truly open your heart and bring your gifts and beauty into potent actualization, there is no acceptance until one has ultimately accepted themselves.

In reality, we present challenges and tribulations to ourselves, seeking them out in hopes that they will distract us from the truth, but as soon as one barrier is overcome, you will yet again be faced with the only barrier that was ever truly in place, you.

There is no place for fear and uncertainty when you step into your power and decide that you are going to make the most of your life not only for yourself, but for your family, friends, for the entirety of humanity.

There is no point in pondering what could be, should be and would be, as all we have know is this, right here, right now, the present.

In our state of mindful connection, allow us to burn up the lies that we have told ourselves time after time.

Allow us to seek dissolution of the conditioning and false perceptions that society and those whom we have known have passed on to us.

Our responsibility is to release our darkness, not hold on to it, we are bound to that which we shackle ourselves to, we are freed when we acknowledge that we are both the warden and prisoner of our own state within reality.

All you can do is be true to yourself, honest to others, and willing to evolve into the next state possible, always changing towards the better version of yourself, that which is infinite, unknowable and in motion.

Ultimately we are plagued by ourselves and the experiences we possess, the past and future are variables only applicable to the present if they are capable of benefiting that moment, otherwise you are diminishing the beauty in the present with pain.

Allow yourself to release without hesitation, know in your heart that you are and always have been exactly who you are, and there will never be a replacement for you.

Step into your heart, step into your power, step into your grace, forgive others and above all else, forgive yourself, you are deserving of the magic inherent in every moment we traverse this lifetime together.

Thank you my tribe, very grateful for you, very grateful for this moment to open my heart to you so that you may in turn open your heart to another. If you enjoy my work, simply follow to blog to stay updated, I post frequently.

If you care to support me, please do share my blog with as many people as you can, repost it if you will, it means more than you can imagine.

Sending you Light through Love,


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