Rotating Tricks Halt

Faith in the process and trust in the moment, aligning oneself with the tide, so that we may seamlessly glide throughout the inner workings of our lives.

At times there is confusion, chaos and vanity in our midst, continuing relentlessly as long as we allow it to persist, for it can be halted and it can be denied, the shadows that we cling to inside.

For a trickster and a joker wear the same mask as you and I, they seem to make comedy out of the fact that they continue to lie, to themselves and those around them, why is it that they can not simply open their hearts to the torture they feel inside.

For there is nothing hilarious about our current state of mind, the emotional stagnation that can numb us inside, to the point where we can no longer identify, why exactly we are traversing this pathway that is cycling throughout our lives.

As we can be in denial as to why we are unable to move forward towards the next stride, where we shall journey and why should we not simply free fall towards the end of our lives.

We must always hold our own, we must always keep our space, we must find the strength to keep pace with a world that is seemingly out of place.

As it will all come together when we at last surrender to the fact that we are tethered to our destiny, our fate, as long as we are willing to actively participate in the truth of our lives, the will that we demonstrate, after all, it is far easier to give in to a system designed to tear your dreams away in complacency, than it is to vigorously resist the ego’s authority.

As we are but a drop in the puddle, a single spark emitting from the flame at night, we have but this single life among infinite others to truly do what is right, not for ourselves nor for those that we share space with, but for all of life within the dance of shadows and light.

We must overcome adversity, sadness and plights, so that we can emerge once more unbroken and ready to continue the fight.

For the battle is within more so that it is without, if we struggle to make a decision then surely we do not know the resonance of our vibration, which defines what we are actively about.

Certainly we know within the power of radiance, when our heart and soul emit love and connection, standing readily at attention, here we accept our intentions.

As it can spread like the antidote, understanding, or it can cut through us like an infection, for hatred is poison.

Overthinking and over analyzing this moment is a waste of what could possibly be, a moment lost that you will never get back.

Why should we allow ourselves to be resisting what we ought to be, inherently there is only one solution to the problem before both you and me, to accept the moment and allow yourself to simply be.

As in this lifetime we are wrestling with ourselves and those around us whom are conflicted as well, when we could merely walk away from the pain and once more set sail.

Freedom is free but it must be accepted and explored, for if you do not accept yourself in the reflection, then how do you know what you are meant to be?

Thank you for reading brothers and sisters, grateful beyond measure. If you wish to stay updated with my work, please do follow the blog. If you wish to show me some love, please do repost my work and share it with as many people as possible, as I rely on word of mouth to allow my work to reach a larger audience.

Sending you Light through Love,


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