The Key Within

When we at last plunge into the depths of our soul, we continue the inwards journey that is innately universal.

As it is available to both you and I, to forgo our conditioning and programming and allow our free spirit to at last fly.

For it is built into us and certainly ingrained that we are not worthy of the divine claim, but certainly that is a pity is it not, for you and I are of flesh and bone, made to wither one day, but our heart and soul shall never rot.

Onward and forward bound throughout the twilight lit sky, let us embark to the end of time so that we may figure out why, why exactly we pursue meaningless objectives when we know deep down that there is nothing for us other than the magic inside, gifts uniquely interwoven throughout our essence that we are meant to share, we should never deny.

As when we deny thyself, we experience a little death each and every day, until the spark of ingenuity at last gives out and we return to the dirt without having manifested the art that we wish to portray.

For fear can grip us and shake us down, but love can free us and open us to the fact that this life of ours is within our control alone, never was it meant to stay below the ground.

So rise we shall, more and more each day, as we continue to analyze these thoughts and whether they serve us or we serve them, we grow more conscious of the nature of our reality.

For our existence is incalculable, and there is no price tag on your soul, we are here within a time frame that represents the current condition of our collective load.

For within the dark times, more light can shine than we before, as long as we are willing to embrace the challenge, rise to the occasion, and be responsible for our actions once more.

As the seas rise and the mountains shake, the sky rains crimson and our bellies ache, we realize that this too is what beauty represents, scarcity is vacant and abundance is sacred, two dual opportunities that easily take the place of the other if we are focused or without concentration.

In this world we are on due course with our destiny, the most opportunistic of destinations, however between us and the promise of serenity lies a volatile separation, for we must cross the brimstone and trials of existence with persistence in order to reach our truth, the purpose which we exist in order to manifest.

For we can walk tall and proud, like giants that do not hang their heads low to the ground, or we can shuffle, afraid to make a sound, the only difference in these two states is if we stay behind or break the barrier of fear and uncertainty that holds us barred from possessing the courage to release our souls sounds.

We single chord which we must strike in tune with the collective living universe if we truly wish to bloom, we must forfeit the gloom and doom that is programmed into our entirety so that we may release our truth.

It begins with a shift in perception and the willingness to pay attention to our intuition so that we may too experience resurrection, in alignment with the life we have always lived and the air we have always breathed but for some reason along the way of eternity we allowed to slip away into complacency.

We must awaken to whom we ought to be, and pursue our path relentlessly, not abiding by the rules of the sheep or the fangs of the wolves, not allowing the perspectives and thoughts of others to dictate our actions nor penetrate our souls, we are as free as we allow ourselves to be.

I pray that you are having a lovely weekend my friends. I pray this message touches your heart and opens your soul as it did for me. If you enjoyed this piece, please share it with your friends and family, if you wish to stay in tune with my work, simply follow the blog.

Sending you Light through Love,


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